With the weather starting to warm up, the days are getting longer, meaning we get to enjoy the the sun shining into the evening. There is nothing like enjoying the sunshine with a jug of PIMMS and a bunch of friends. We have the perfect recipe for you to try this summer.


  • 8 thin slices cucumber
  • 1/2 orange, thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon, halved lengthways, thinly sliced
  • 4 strawberries, hulled, washed, quartered
  • Handful of Blue Berries
  • 4 small sprigs fresh mint
  • Ice cubes handful
  • 125ml (1/2 cup) Pimm’s No. 1
  • 250ml chilled ginger ale/beer
  • 250ml lemonade



Well this is as simple as put all the ingredients in together and stir. It isn’t brain surgery!
If you aren’t a sweet tooth, replace the Lemonade with Mineral Water for something a little more refreshing. Simple. Easy. Delicious.
Pour into tall glasses and add a touch of mint for show. Share with friends over good food and good conversation.


Summer is kicking into gear. Expect more Summer delights on the blog and see the return of our How To Summer series.

Divine Wanderer

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Supporting local design is incredibly important to us and we always get a little bit excited when our creative and talented friends produce something special. We chatted to the gorgeous, down to earth and sun seeking babe Krystle Knight, designer and founder of Krystle Knight Jewellery about her latest collection of fine crystal jewels, her inspirations and love for the never ending summer. Vibrant, energetic and with a smile on her face, here is what she had say..

Congratulations on the success of Krystle Knight Jewellery! What inspired you to go out on our own and create this label?

Thank you, it has all really happened very organically, which is so amazing, it really does blow my mind daily!

After working in fashion wholesale for 7 years, the opportunity came up to start working on something for myself and I took it. It has all been a matter of perfect timing!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.15.36 pm

What is the ethos behind KKJ? What sets it apart from others out there?

KKJ’s aesthetic is simple, cool and effortless. I am continually inspired by simple styling that shows of the natural beauty of the crystals.

I work mainly with clear quartz crystals, which is definitely my favourite crystal. It is known to be the master healer of all crystals. It works on all areas of the body, awakening, amplifying and transmitting energy, as well as clarifying the thought processes. It is also perfect for removing negative energies & a powerful healing stone for any condition or state of mind.  A strong belief in this is what makes KKJ different.

You have worked with some very talented creatives within the industry. Tell us how important that has been to the exposure of Krystle Knight?

I have been so fortunate to collaborate with so many amazing creatives in this industry. What I love about it all, is that everyone is there to support one another and help each other with their brands exposure. It is so amazing to see and also to be involved in. We have a few different collaborations coming up and this is all apart of developing a creative culture and community.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.14.32 pm

Social media is redefining the way we see style and the way we create style, how has social media impacted your brand?

Social media is really incredible. It allows access to so many talented, creative people  from across the world and acts as a platform to connect with like minded people & brands. I have such great support on social media, it truly is amazing, it really has allowed KKJ to grow to where it is today.

The introduction of colour and neon hues in the new collection feels playful and innovative. What inspired you when creating this collection?

I always loved a pop of neon. I don’t go anywhere without my neon nail polish on.

Travelling to different tropical locations growing up, I always found myself coming home with a bunch of neon bracelets on my wrist.

I guess neon really is the epitome of Summer; so it made sense to be able to offer some affordable fun pieces & tie them back with our crystals. You will start to see more neon in our coming collections, stay tuned

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.16.01 pm

Where do you seek inspiration from?

I am continually inspired by Summer (of course) and the elemental beauty of nature. When designing I want to show off the natural beauty of each crystal and transform this into simple, wearable, statement pieces.

We know you are a summer baby just like us. If you could chase the never ending summer where would you start?

My go to spot is always Bali! However, I am spicing things up this month and taking a quick European vacation.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.20.37 pm

Favourite summer activity?

Relaxing at the beach and Yoga by the ocean.

 One WAH print on a beach of your choice? GO!

Love love love The Chameleon at Geger Beach in Nusa Dua


With a supportive and creative community behind Krystle Knight, we continue to expect big things from this summer loving, bohemian babe. For every thing KKJ and to shop the latest collection visit the website here and follow their Instagram @krystleknightjewellery.

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And the runways just keep coming at Spring Fashion Week this year. Street Wear is always a favourite with local Melbourne designers showing off their wares to the backdrop of Melbourne’s infamous lane ways. As is Melbourne’s style, the display of Spring collections were eclectic and innovative. Kuwaii, Limedrop, Bùl and Gorman were among the many beloved local talents showing their latest designs.

Virginia Martin opened the runway with label Búl, using earthy tones and clean lines throughout the collection. The use of layering brought a level of femininity to what would otherwise be quite an androgynous aesthetic. Use of delicate linens and crisp button ups, brought an attainable sense of luxe to the range.


Minimalist, elegant and chic was everything Kuwaii this year. Kristy Barber has certainly outdone herself (if that is even possible) with the latest collection clean lined, structured and effortless. The designs combine architectural influences with light tailoring, always maintaining their versatility in function and form.  Simple shapes and compositions make this collection graceful and modern.



Limedrop is as always fun, playful and innovative. With geometric printed silks, a mixture of pastels and bold hues, cut out flowing dresses, a touch of leather and sport luxe cropped jackets, the collection has something for everyone. What I love about this label is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fun and laughter is always the aim of the game and adding a pair of Limedrops rainbow reflective fun glasses to the mix will certainly do that and more.

Gorman mixed it up this year whilst staying true to their bohemian tailored aesthetic. The collection offered a contemporary take on traditional tribal prints featuring playsuits, oversized bomber jackets, asymmetric hemlines and cropped leather jackets.


With the end of MSFW nearing, we look forward now to the avant-gardé, the neoteric and the innovative with the very best from upcoming and emerging designers. @MSFW #MSFW for all things Fashion Week.


Divine Wanderer

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Another night of #FASHUN at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, with embellishments, all of the pretty shiny things and some tall, dark and handsome male models in the mix. They must have know I was attending. Live singers, oriental inspired musicians and spectacular lighting told the story of each designers inspiration and muse behind their collection. Designers Arthur Galan, Calibre, Akira and Christine Accessories were by far stand outs. 

Captivating melodies of a Japanese Shamisen, hummed in the background of what was an oriental trance. Akira stole the show with her use of eastern draping, intricate beading, embroidery and bold colour palette. Each design was uniquely detailed and perfectly styled to produce well executed aesthetic.


With Ashley Hart showing off Arthur Galan’s designs earlier this week, we were able to get a sneak preview of the geometric prints and intricate details of Galans SS14 collection. A striking aesthetic, the collection features strong silhouettes, embroidery and feminine structures. Galan always produces a stunning collection, earning him the title of one of the most well respected designers in the industry.


Calibre produced yet again another stand out collection for the men this year. The classic European tailored cut is always well received, balancing classic with contemporary perfectly. The use of graphic prints, pastel blue hues and the classic chino, ultimately played to a younger demographic. Though my focus sometimes shifted to the beautiful humans that were wearing the clothes, my attention was definitely on the designs. Most of the time.



Christine Accessories was no doubt a stand out, using textured fabrics, bold prints and vibrant colours in both a resort and couture capacity. Detailed beading with chunky accessories payed homage to the bohemian nomadic wanderer. Playful, fun, sexy and elegant are all qualities articulated within this collection.

Another exciting runway, another exciting fashion week. Next up we check out Street Wear with our two favourite local designers Limedrop and Kuwaii. @MSFW #MSFW for everything spring fashion week.


Divine Wanderer

Photos Lucas Dawson Photography

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MSFW Day 5-Lucas Dawson photography-1

Minimalism was the aim of the game at last nights Melbourne Spring Fashion Week designer runway. Narrated by a story of Melbourne aesthetic, spring style and electro pop/psychedelic tunes, designs by the likes of Yeojin Bae, Alice McCall, LifeWithBird and our very own old roomies Kahlo were effortlessly chic and contemporary.

Alice McCall changed it up this season using more structured elements within her designs. Still paying homage to the traditional aesthetic we have all come to love, the use of architectural inspired tailoring saw McCall tread the line of playfulness and simplicity perfectly.


Yeojin Bae. What can I say? Brilliance. Every single year this gorgeous, creative human amazes me. With geometric silhouettes, cut out waistlines and asymmetric structures, Yeojin Bae is innovative and visually articulate. She is true to her creative vision and creates designs that reflect the contemporary female aesthetic.

LifeWithBird reinforced that pink, whether pastel or fuchsia, is here to stay this season. With laser cuts, sheer panelling and horizontal structures becoming a focus within the collection, the designs were distinct and conceptual. Designers Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messner have again created a simple, modern and inventive vision of style and design.


With our good friends over at Kahlo showing their latest collection at MSFW, we were incredibly excited to see what they had in store. Laid back, nonchalant, sport luxe and chic is everything Kahlo this season. Elegant yet understated, just the right amount of metallic paired with a monochrome palette and all of the layering perfection you could hope for. High neck lines, crops and simple structures gave the collection a sense of boyish charm and versatility. On point Kahlo, on point!


With minimalism trending now more than ever, these talented designers have created beautiful designs that ultimately reflect todays modern woman who seeks comfort, versatility and elegance. I’d say that all of those boxes were ticked.

Next up on the runway? Embellishments! @MSFW #MSFW for all things Fashion week.


Divine Wanderer

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