You might have seen these prints on our swimwear already but In the true WAH summer spirit we want you to be organised when you head to the beach, pool, city  or simply don’t want to pack a big bag. We’ve turned some of your fave prints into the cutest little neoprene pouches to take your WAH with you wherever you go. Washable, soft and completely unique,  you can shop here for a limited time!

The Vacation Neoprene Pouch

The Bahamas Neoprene Pouch

The Pantera Neoprene Pouch

The Toco Neoprene Pouch

Jungle Fever Neoprene Pouch

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We jetted off to the topical location of New Caledonia, where the rich Melonesian culture meets French Provincial sophistication, to shoot our latest campaign Euphoria. With bold prints, pops of colour and the continuance of our athletic aesthetic, this collection celebrates the WAH girl as fun, healthy, happy and active.

Every time we are on location, we can’t quite believe the lives that we live and how lucky we are. Sure being on location and shooting a campaign is mega hard work, but with surrounds this beautiful no one was complaining. Tropical palms, turquoise blue water, coconuts, sunshine and some new playful puppy friends created what was a memorable shoot.










Watch our New Caledonian dream unfold below.

Directed by James McIntosh – Meanwhile Outside
Models: Kimberley De Vocht, Rachel Joy
Makeup by Rachel Montgomery
Hair by Garreth Lenagh
Styling by Katinka Somers
Photographed by Sebastian Kriete
Shot in New Caledonia thanks to New Caledonia Tourism

See the full campaign here.


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We’ll have a full write up shortly, but for now check out the little range and shop here.

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Within the majestic landscape of Cambodia, photographer Hannah Roche set out on a fisherman’s boat with two fresh faces to make magic. Nearly capsizing a few times, interacting with the locals and taking in the beautiful surrounds, Hannah and her handsome babes (who had never modelled before..can you believe it!?) represented what it is to be a WAH girl; fit, fun, travel inspired and embracing of culture.







Follow Hannah on Instagram @hanro and see more of her talent here.


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Summer is coming and that means delicious fruits and vegetables that may not have been available in winter are certainly in season! Quite often we can get caught up in the silly season and over indulge ourselves in chocolate and other decadent sweets. Being conscious of what you are eating and ensuring you not only take care of yourself but feed your body nutritious meals and snacks, is extremely important to maintain that summer bod and strong immunity. Being healthy does not mean you have to deprive yourself of delicious treats. Here are 3 healthy snacks to include within your day, that will help curb the bad cravings and ultimately feed your soul and nourish your body.

1. Green Guns Bowl

photo 1

THE GOOD STUFF: Blending coconut water, fresh coconut pulp, kiwi and chia together to make your breakfast or snack base is wholesome and filling. Add fresh kiwi, blue berries (or any on hand) and fresh coconut shavings on top. I also like to add in almonds for crunch or some muesli and banana if I have a big day ahead.

2.  Weekday Water Infusions

photo 3


THE GOOD STUFF: Whether you have a glass bottle or a BPA free water bottle, infuse your water with berries, lemon, lime and cucumber for a kick to your day. You will maintain hydration whilst consuming the vitamins and minerals important to heal and protect your immune system. The lime and cucumber is fantastic for skin helping to revitalise and brighten. When you finish the water simply snack on the ingredients. YUM!

3. Sweet & Savoury Snack Bites

photo 2


THE GOOD STUFF: Whether you are feeling hungry for savoury delights or sweet pick me ups, using a  rice cracker instead of bread will allow you to enjoy your chosen ingredients more, without that bad carb bloated feeling. For sweet, make yogurt or light ricotta as your base and just add fruit. For savoury, add avocado or light Feta cheese for some flavour with your toppings. These snack bites are great for lunch or simply a quick afternoon pick me up.

So there you have it. Three Summer snacks you can create and vary to your own taste buds, that will help curb your sugary cravings and maintain your summer bod. Utilise the fruits and vegetables in season, summer only comes around once a year so make the most of it.



photos: @thermage_au Instagram feed

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