Make up. Practically an essential for any woman, of any age. With the right attitude we can all be fierce and ‘Flawless’  as so finely put by WAH babe Queen BEY Beyonce! But by using a good makeup, we can look just as flawless as we feel.

Like many, I have gone through my fair share of makeups over the years. I’ve tried it all. BB Creams, Foundations, powders, cover-ups, bronzers, if its out there on the market I have tried it. I feel as though my skin has taken a journey with me, constantly changing, dependant on age, season, mood, location. A journey of trial and error, of finding the right make-up to suit my skin tone and complexion, a journey that has often been guided by misinformation and fads. Now, only just in my mid twenties, have I discovered my perfect make-up match. Finding a good mineral based powder, has changed my skin, for the better.

Why Mineral Powder?


 Above all it is natural and made up of crushed minerals found in the earths crust. Essentially we are harnessing the earth’s goodness; the very essence needed for life to spring out of the ground and putting this on our skin. Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica, gold and magnesium are the key minerals, all of which can be found in supplement form, that are beneficial for the health of your skin.

HOW? Well think about this. Your skin feels amazing when you dive into the ocean right? Of course it does, the natural salts hold cleansing and healing properties. So do Mineral powders. Except these healing properties double as a clean way to even out skin tones, avoid aggravating skin conditions and cover blemishes. Perfect smooth and clear skin. Check!

What are the benefits?


The benefits are plentiful! Lets take a look….

  • It is light weight and does not form a cake like texture or appear like you are wearing makeup! (Surely its magic)
  • Will not irritate skin conditions or cause flare ups (BAM! Evil be gone)
  • Heal irritated skin or blemishes (Zinc is perfect for this)
  • Provide a natural sunscreen (Win for beating skin cancer)
  • Even out un-even skin tones (Wake up FLAWLESS)

Powders that have parabens, fragrances, binders or synthetic dyes are simply parading around as a mineral makeup. So don’t give them a second look. Our pick? Maybelline Mineral Foundation Powder. With 100% micro-minerals it not only provides flawless coverage, but clears your skin, creating a radiant glowing vibe. Plus it is not overpriced and completely affordable.

There are many mineral powders out there. If you are like me and have tried every makeup under the sun, invest in a good mineral powder and be as ‘Flawless’ on the outside as you feel on the inside!
Divine Wanderer

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Breakfast has become a sacred ritual. We cherish those few rare moments of blissful quiet that only comes first thing in the morning. Breakfast time is all about messy hair, oversized shirts and flicking through the glossy pages of Vogue. Whether you love photography, fashion, beauty, fitness or travel, decide what you’re feeling inspired by each day and roll with it. We love to a blend food, fashion and of course, coffee first thing to create the ideal breakfast atmosphere. Our mornings involve cute coffee table art and delicious soul food.

Coffee Table Art (2)

Breaking your fast in style calms the mind for the day ahead. Set the mood with some awesome coffee table Feng Shui. It can be as humble as a sweet flower arrangement or a colour popping fruit bowl. We love to surround ourselves with the oh-so-pretty things in life at breakfast time such as new outfit ideas and amazing accessories. These charming details allow you to re-establish a love for the simple things. Take a soothing break from the daily chaos and create a reason to look forward to waking up.

There’s nothing better than a healthy, nutritious and mouth-watering breakfast to start your day. Breakfast is essential, there’s just no getting around it. Having a proper feed first thing kick starts your digestion, metabolism and feeds your body the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best. Indulge in our super delicious brekkie ideas that help make the morning your favorite time of the day. We deliver you some soul foods that frequently feature in our morning routine.

Soul Food1

Breakfast image

Bircher, black tea and The Sartorialist is an unbeatable morning combination. A nourishing Bircher bowl can be achieved by simply mixing rolled oats with nuts, seeds and coconut flakes. Soak in your preferred milk or coconut water and yoghurt overnight. Bircher muesli can be made and stored in the fridge for several days, so why not make a big batch to get you through the week? You can also play pick ‘n’ mix with the ingredients for more variety. Goji berries, dates, dried apricots, grated apple, blueberries, chia seeds and roasted almonds are great mix-in ideas.

Soul Food2

Sugar hit anyone? French toast is an indulgent breakfast that truly nourishes the soul. This European classic can be done in a healthy way, we promise! Try sourdough bread soaked in a mix of eggs, milk and cinnamon, lightly fried in coconut oil. To serve we recommend a drizzle of raw honey, topped with fresh fruit of your choice. Banana and blueberries is always a winning combo.

Lets be honest…any combination of fine food and fashion will get us every time. Who would want to eat a plain peice of toast watching the news (boring!) when you could be enjoying decadent bircher muesli, a chai latte and the latest digest of Garance Dore? That is certainly our kind of morning.

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photo 4

Design comes in all forms. To be a designer, to be artistic, creative, innovative, is to be something truly special. Design inspires us, captivates us and fosters our imagination every single day. Design itself is a creative mirror of the beauty in life.

Every once in a while we stumble upon inspired partnerships, that fuse one or more forms of design to create something organic, inventive and different. Australian fashion forward labels Romance was Born and Gorman have teamed up with Dulux in conjunction with the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, to do just that.  Their latest collections take fashion and transform it into interior design.

photo 3

Romance was Born’s imaginative and fantasy like collection ‘Dream On’, inspired the designers striking interiors entitled ‘Portal’ and ‘Flower Dreaming’.  ‘Portal’ fuses retro style and ideals of the majestic to create a sense of whimsy expected from the fashion forward design team; Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett. The duo somehow then transcend this, taking the strong floral elements of their ‘Dream On’ collection, creating the retro chic kitchen space ‘Flower Dreaming’. Feminine like pastels contrast the use of bold yet quirky ornaments and fixtures, emulating fun and ground breaking era of the 60s. Each design however, is combined seamlessly with innovative modern elements.

photo 5

Gorman, with its earth, tribal and organic roots  continues to captivate. The labels AW14 collection ‘Winter Harvest’ is mirrored through the interior ‘Harvest’. Using strong structural and earthy elements, the design is reminiscent of a French Country Chateau. Decadent yet homely, simple yet bold. Natural yet modern. The room transports you into a dream like opulance. The label then contrasts this with a desert like setting. Cactus, organic wood matched and earth like properties are all used to create a magical yet raw warmth.

photo 2

What has been created here, is certainly something special. It can be too easy to simply devalue any platform of design but we must remember that without designers, creatives and innovative minds, our world would simply become a vacant space.


Divine Wanderer

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Over the summer we have spotted a few of our favourite babes out and about in their We Are Handsome gettup. Whether on the back of a motorbike heading for a surf, swimming in crystal clear ocean, catching a tan by the pool or simply chilling out on the balcony, beauties like Mimie Lashiry, Lindy Klim, Aimee Song, Ashley Sky and Jasmin Howell, all showed us their adoration and instalove for WAH. Right back at you ladies! You are forever known as the WAH Babes! And this is why:

Lindy Klim @lindyklim is always stunning in The Hideaway and The Impressor.

photo 2 (2)

photo 4

photo 5 (2)

Shanina Shaik @ShaninaMshaik wearing The Victory.

photo 2

Aimee Song @songofstyle rocking our recently revived print The Fighter.

photo 5

Mimie Lashiry @mimielashiry also stunning in The Victory.

photo 4 (2)

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Well, after last year’s release of Queen Bey’s ‘Beyoncé’ album, and featuring our Hideaway print pieces in her ‘Pretty Hurts’ Video, Mrs Carter has proved her affinity with our wares by posting these pictures of her wearing the tiger Vagabond One Piece on her tumblr page whilst on vacation.

We’re thrilled she loves her pieces this much!

You can get her look for a very limited time here.

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Jessica Hart

After recently gracing the covers of Vogue and GQ Australia and strutting her stuff at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it’s clear we can’t get enough of Jessica Hart.

Despite her insanely busy schedule, the new face of Portmans and global ‘it girl’ still manages to perfect the model off-duty look at all times. Currently residing in NYC, the Aussie beauty is the ultimate beach babe. Her el natural waves look effortlessly sun kissed and she pulls off a top knot like a pro.

Our current summer style muse seeks inspiration from the likes of Josh Goot, Sass and Bide and new US designer Cushnie et Ochs. Jessica has a ‘think outside the box’ mentality towards fashion and a signature style that blends femininity with masculinity. Her quirky, hipster chic wardrobe is always bang on trend and the models renowned gap-toothed smile only adds to her charm.

Whether she’s in ripped boyfriend jeans, a sleek lace body-con dress or a playful bikini, the 6 foot tall stunner can do no wrong.

Jessica Hart


Jessica Hart


Jessica Hart


Jessica Hart

Follow this gorgeous womans style updates Instagram @1jessicahart.

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There is a lot to be said about the healing properties of crystals and gemstones. There is an essence of spirituality and purity in crytals, that just seem to sooth the soul and ease the mind. With notions and intentions to empower the individual and work on energetic imbalances, it is only natural that a crystal in its raw form mimics the beauty in aesthetics, that it is intended for.

KrystleKnight Jewellery harnesses this essence and transforms raw beauty in to stunning, intricate and unique jewellery.


Using clear crystals, amethyst stones and rose quartz, the latest collection ‘Above The Clouds’ pairs fine silver and brass, ever so perfectly to create striking designs. Featuring a series of rings, cuffs and fine necklaces the collection is understated yet elegant, matching this with an aura of gyspy wanderer.

Being designed solely in Sydney by inspired designer Krystle Knight herself, then sourced, cut and created out of love in the stunning tropics of Indonesia, its no wonder each piece is exquisite in more ways than one. Our favourite? The Mini Healing Necklace in Sterling Silver. Its geometrically cut clear quartz, is said to have healing properties that improves strength, enabling connections between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind, perfect for meditation. And the look? Divine!



Someone once said that ‘crystals amplify the consciousness’. And what a world it would be if our consciousness could see the beauty not only in nature but in ourselves everyday, just like we do in crystals.

To view the latest collection visit the Krystle Knight Jewellery wesbite, like the labels FB PAGE and follow them on Instagram @krystleknightjewellery.


Divine Wanderer

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Here at WAH HQ we love a good pool party. Combine good company, great food, cocktails and awesome tunes and pool action and we will be there in a heartbeat. It can be difficult to find the right outfit for an occasion like this. Questions are raised? Do I go completely casual? If so how casual? Do I wear a bikini or one piece? Hats? Shoes? Throwover? What a debacle! So let us make a few suggestions. Here are 3 key looks perfect for pool party vibes.

The Handsome Wanderer

look 1

This look is fun, sexy but casual. You can never go wrong in The Vagabond Scoop One piece. It is flattering and seamless, making you feel absolutley gorgeous. Denim cut offs are a must this summer. Whether you are a shorty short girl or simply want to get creative with a pair of vintage, denim is a versatile choice, able to transition from day to night. Obviously our skin needs shade, as do our eyes, so a cute fedora and a killer pair of unique sunnies is an essential. Pair this with a neon bag and a pair of slides and you are summer perfect.

Playful Perfection

Pool part 2
Pastels, denim, embroidered bags, wide brimmed hats and a pop of colour? Frenchy Chic meets the never ending summer (all you need is a cute hipster bike)! From our latest collection, The Bahamas String bikini is subtle but oh so sweet. Pair this with a pastel denim swing skirt, mirror sunnies (Anna Dello Russo inspired) and a pale shade wide brim fedora from Lack Of Color and you are the perfect combination of fun, flirt and beach. The playful nature of this outfit emulates the cool, fun summer vibes of a pool party!

All Black Everything

pool part 3
If you’re more of a sitting by the pool with a cocktail in hand kinda girl, we got your back! Obviously The Pantera Silk Shaft dress is a perfect option. It’s elegant, sexy, eye catching, light enough to keep you cool, modest enough to cover all the right places. Its versatility provides a seamless transition from the afternoon sun into to the fading sunset. A simple yet statement heel says all the right things, when accessorized with a traditional wayfarer, fedora and gypsy cuff from Hipanema. Adding a pop of colour on your lips and nails provides a mischevious element to the look. And why wouldn’t you want to be cheeky? It is a pool party after all!

So if you happen to be invited to a pool party this summer or end up spending your sunday afternoon with our good friends at The Olsen Pool Club, make this your inspiration to create the perfect Pool Party outfit.

For more updates on whats going on at WAH HQ, like us on FB and follow us on Twitter. To keep inspired by the never ending summer we continue to seek out, follow both of our Instagram feeds @wearehandsome and @wearehandsomeswimwear


Divine Wanderer

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We’re a little excited this week as we’re off to a magical place, a place that might not be around in 10 years or so. We’re shooting our next campaign and we just can’t wait to share it with you, so be sure to stayed tuned to our Instagram feed for all the behind the scenes fun.

Here’s a taste of the inspiration we’re feeling for this trip…

Insp in and out and cut about









HM Insp

Slick Hair

Ayada Insp

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Lately I’ve been experimenting with different processes within my iPhone, and the myriad of photography apps I have downloaded over the past few years.
I’ve found some great processes and colours (usually completely by accident) and have really enjoyed the results thus far. In case you missed it, last month I gave my top ten tips on how to take unforgettable photos with your phone camera – you can read the article on Harpers Bazaar.

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