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I often wonder how Lindy Klim does it!? Busy mother of three, wife to Michael Klim, business owner and Creative Director of Milk&Co, fashionista, role model for many and of course an official WAH babe, she must be exhausted. She assures me however that whilst she is one busy lady, she feels blessed and lucky to be given such an opportunity to create and make a difference in this world. In between flying back and forth to her beautiful island home of Bali, running a successful business and spending valuable time with her family, we caught up with the stunning and down to earth Balinese Princess for a chat about her life, loves and summer travels. 

We absolutely adore you and are always amazed at how you juggle everything from work life, motherhood, marriage and your role as an influencer for many young women. Tell us, what is your secret to maintaining balance? 

Wow thank you!!! To be honest I think I struggle just like many others out there. I don’t think I will ever shake the guilt and worry that most working mums have.

I think for me having Bali as our base, allows us to reconnect with each other as a family. We live a relatively healthy lifestyle, without being too extreme. We really focus on exercise, meditation and just trying to have much fun as we can. Life is way to short to be taken too seriously!

I think another key factor for us is that we just focus on what we are doing. We don’t really watch Tv and and there are no magazines to read in Bali, so we don’t have too much outside influence in our life… although when I am in Australia I can’t wait to get my hands on a Vogue!

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How do you feel about being considered a female role model? How has this impacted on your everyday life?

I feel extremely honoured. I didn’t intentionally set out for that to be my mission in life, but it feels amazing to think that I have inspired others.

What was the philosophy behind creating Milk&Co? What qualities do value most in leading your team as the Creative Director?

We wanted to create an affordable, aspirational brand that is Australian made. It is really important for me, to keep the brand as natural as possible using only the very best ingredients.

My role as The Creative director means I get to do all the fun stuff and create new products and as well as the style guide for our brand.

Being incredibly entrepreneurial, your recent collaboration with Viktoria & Woods felt very organic. How did this come about and how much input did you have in the design process? 

I have been a fan of V&W for a long time and got to know Magie and Lisa over the years, we felt that we have the same ethos, so I guess this collaboration was a natural partnership for us. It was such a dream to work with V&W.

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What’s next? 

Wow…. I actually feel a little exhausted of late as I have had so much work on. So Mike and I are going to take our first break in almost 3 years. We head to Europe in mid June!

Always keep your eye out though… I don’t like to sit still and there will surely be other projects in the pipeline!

We love your Instagram feed. What value to think social media has both professionally and personally?

I feel like people get to see the real me. Without Instagram I don’t think I would had ever got my true story out there. I feel that people are underestimated and get tired of seeing the same cookie cut lifestyles of what is portrayed on TV and in the papers. With Instagram, you can follow so many inspirational people and realise life is what you make it.. There really is no right or wrong, it’s just what ever works best for you and your family.

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Being an official WAH babe, we know that you love summer just as much as we do. Living on the beautiful island of Bali, where is your favourite summer spot to relax?

I love to go up to the Bukit Peninsula in Bali.. the beaches are so white and its so beautiful and quiet.

If you could chase the never ending summer around the world, where would you start and why?

I love summer in Sydney.. Australians do summer so well. I would then work my through Asia and on to Europe… I will be spending a week in Croatia this summer.

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Do you have a favourite summer inspired activity?

Beaches…. I could live on the Beach! I love being near the ocean.

If you could choose one We Are Handsome print to wear what would it be and why?

I love the Fighter Scoop One Piece.. it’s super fierce and sexy at the same time!


With a clear vision, drive and beautiful family by her side, Lindy Klim has become the perfect role model, providing inspiration for many. You can follow Lindy on Instagram @lindyklim Tweet her @LindyKlim and view her blog

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We’re so happy to find today that one of our all time favourite singer-songwriters, Passenger has a new album coming out shortly on the 6th of June.

Since we discovered him busking about 5 years ago, we’ve learned much about the man who’s spent 10 years, traveling and busking, honing his craft and writing songs that speak directly to the heart.


We’ve just listened to the new album, titled ‘Whispers’ in it’s entirety and already know it’ll be one of the best releases this year. You can stream the album in full on iTunes today before the album is released next week.

He’s also just announced the new tour dates for ‘Whispers’ which mean’s he’s on a world tour at least until March 2015. All details on his official website

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We all love a good cocktail and there is nothing better than a Mojito on a hot summers day. With fresh mint, lime, a splash of soda water and of course a dash of rum, this cocktail is an easy option for a summer bbq or pool party.


  • 20 fresh mint leaves (10 per glass)
  • 1 lime, cut into 8 wedges
  • 4 tablespoons caster sugar (2 each drink)
  • 2 cup ice cubes (cup per drink)
  • 2 shots of white rum
  • Soda water



Place mint leaves and 2 lime wedges into the glass. Crush the mint and lime to release the mint oil and juice from the lime. Add one more wedge with the sugar and crush the added lime.

Add add and pour in one shot of rum. Top up with Soda water.

Place an extra lime slice and mint leaf for garnishing.

Drink, drink and enjoy.


There you have it a real lime and mint Mojito. If you are feeling a little adventurous, puree a handfull of berries and add it to the mixture.


Divine Wanderer

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This week saw our latest collection Odyssey Rising officially released. Having shot Odyssey Rising in the extremely beautiful, wondrous natural playground of the Maldives, this weeks launch saw us reminiscing over warm tropical waters, white beaches and dreamy summer days. The campaign film says it all really, we are forever in love with chasing a never ending summer. The warmth, the light, sea breeze, salt water and tropical palms..are truly intoxicating.

Our love for the never ending summer was matched by our stunning inspiration and muse Margot Busheva. Her etherial yet exotic beauty became the perfect canvas for our designs. The collection symbolises our respect for nature and the inhabitants of this magnificent earth. With tropical prints, deep sea marine giants and ocean back drops, Odyssey Rising is only a hint of what is to come.



Odyssey_Campaign_10 ‘





Odyssey Rising

Direction: Jeremy Somers
Film Directed by Trevor king
Model: Margo Busheva
Makeup by Rachel Montgomery
Styling by Katinka Somers
Photographed by Sebastian Kriete
Jewellery by Vera Xane
Shot at Ayada Resort, Maldives

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We’re so lucky this week with brand new full album releases from two of our favourites; The Black Keys and Chromeo.

Both releases are available to stream and buy on iTunes and, from what we’ve heard they are both so worth it.

The Black Keys release is their 8th and titles Turn Blue. The record, co-produced by Danger Mouse, contains 11 tracks ranging from bluesy, big-beat pop-rock tracks (“In Time”) to shimmery, soulful earworms (“Year in Review”). The album is their first full-length since the release of one of our favourite albums EVER (Gold on The Ceiling, anyone?!) 2011′s El Camino.
You can listen to the whole album streaming here.

Chromeo’s new album White Women, is their 4th and is every bit of disco-ey goodness you’d expect. Classic Chromeo. White Women features contributions from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, Toro Y Moi, Solange, LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney, and Fool’s Gold duo Oliver.
You can listen to the whole album streaming here.

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