- The Hanky Panky -

Move aside barmen, this one’s for the ladies from a lady. In 1903 Ada Coleman became an iconic bartender at the Savoy Hotel American Bar (very rare for the time – you go girl) and using her supreme mixing skills, whipped up this zesty cocktail, which became quite the crowd pleaser. See for yourself!



50ml Bulldog Gin
20ml Cinzano Rosso (aromatic wine)
2 barspoons Fernet Branca (aromatic spirit)
Garnish: orange zest

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass. Strain into chilled cocktail glass.

More of our favourite cocktail recipes coming soon..



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It’s no news that we are in love with summer. We chase this magical season throughout the year, may it be for work, leisure or just pure adventure. Palm trees, blue skies, crystal oceans and sunsets, we constantly share our moments of summer on Instagram.

Today we would love to share with you 5 Instagram accounts which inspires us. They capture the essence of summer in such a beautiful way, that no matter where are you, what season it is, they will warm you up.


Living in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, Hawaii, her photos are never ending inspiration of summer, travel, surfing.




Cedric lives to explore the sea. His images are full of blue hues, white foam and dreamy locations.



Surf, swell, water, sand. We love how Matt’s images bring you closer to his world.



Jasmin’s Instagram will take you around the world while you can sit back and have a coffee scrolling through her images.



Cory is Gold Coast based photo and ocean enthusiast and his pictures speak from his heart.


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At the WAH HQ we love sweets and you might have noticed those pretty chocolates which have been decorating our flatlays for some time now.

Let us introduce you to a beautiful and rather sweet concept, WINNOW Chocolate. Gluten-free, organic, containing no artificial additives or preservatives; they are oh-so-delicious.

Winnow flavours are inspired by travel throughout Africa, Europe and Asia, which makes us love them even more!

Enjoy the sweet photos and if you feel like a taste, which we highly recommend, shop here.


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If you find it easy to lose yourself to crystal blue skies and endless sun, then take our advice on how to make this your reality because there really is no need to experience any summer-time sadness!

Living a never-ending summer means there is plenty of time for a bounteous supply of refreshing summery concoctions. No matter the occasion, you can always find an excuse to sip carelessly on a cocktail (or three).  Here are some of the tastiest beverages out; these cocktails are sure to become your summer H2O.


- The Daiquiri -

This universal cocktail was shaken for the first time in 1905 in a Santiago bar named Venus. Traditionally the Daiquiri should follow the ratio of 1 part sweet, 2 parts sour and 3 parts strong. Adding dark rum, fresh fruit and replacing sugar syrup for something flavoured means you can experiment with different combinations to discover your signature drink and create cocktail envy.


60ml Appletom Estate V/X (Rum)
40ml fresh lime juice
20ml sugar syrup (the basis of many cocktails)
Garnish: lime wheel

More of our favourite cocktail recipes coming soon..

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Of course the brilliant white sands and aqua water, swaying palm trees and island vibe is what you would expect from a gorgeous destination in the Caribbean but as far as islands in the middle of the aqua, supporting humungous bridges, hotels with infinity beaches on the second floor and a drink named for them go, well Curaçao is definitely your island!


I’m particularly fond of anywhere where the local population speaks Dutch, it reminds me of my childhood, raised by Dutch parents on pickled herring, bitterballen, boterkoek and poffertjies I was in kiddie nirvana when I hit Curaçao finding some of these delicacies a part of the regular meals on the island! Of course, given it’s location there is the usual fare of creole food to keep your fresh fish and island fare cravings at bay. The best part is that at any time during your travels on the island you can stop in at any number of roadside stalls where you can grab anything from a coconut, a juice or a couple of pieces of fruit to keep on going.


We ventured to Curaçao to shoot our latest campaign and in so doing explored the length and breadth of the island by minivan, passing through the ever changing landscape, from beautiful old world multi colored houses all butted together like jewels in a majestic crown to the oh so impressive harbour complete with a passenger bridge spanning 67m’s. It swings open and closed to allow ships through or the bridge that spans across the inlet at 56m above the sea! To the rambling dessert strips and salt lakes complete with flocking flamingos.

We spent most of our time on the west coast – where the quintessential azure blue waters lap onto the pristine white sand. The locals (both human and puppy) took a great interest in our campaign and we’re so friendly they offered to help with the shoot!


We were told about it but unfortunately didn’t have time to get to the Eastern part of the island where you have to share your space with plenty of iguanas. We know where we will be headed next time!
Finishing off our days at Jan Thiel Beach we found another european export, a beautiful beachside bar! complete with a pontoon to race too and perform any number of diving tricks. I had the pleasure of teaching one of our models (a former gymnast) to back dive!
A skip and a plane jump from Miami will have you there in just over 3.5 hours – so brush up on your Dutch get ready to work on your tan and perhaps learn a couple of new Curaçao based cocktail recipes!









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