Here at WAH HQ we love to mix it up. With our latest collection The Catalyst seeing vibrant new prints and more athletic, innovative shapes, we thought why not add some amazingness to the mix. Monochrome. Minimalist. Simple. Elegant. Just a few ways to describe our latest and exclusive capsule collection; CHROMA.

Shot on our journey around the stunning national treasure Hamilton Island by Sebastian Kriete and featuring our favourite go to WAH babes Margot Bushueva and Olga Yalanskaya, CHROMA epitomises the ultimate modern, minimalist beach babe. The capsule is chic and contemporary with two distance styles. Whether you are an ‘all black everything’ kinda girl or love a #whiteout, CHROMA is the perfect combination of black & white bliss. Featuring the Bra Bikini and Racer Zip One Piece we aimed to combine modern minimalism with monochrome elegance.









CHROMA adds a whole new level of versatility to our latest collection and we are so incredibly excited to see these designs on our very handsome customers. So don’t forget to tag both @wearehandsomeswimwear & @wearehandsome on Instagram to show off your CHROMA style and tweet us @wearehandsome .

#wearehandsome #chroma

Shop the collection exclusive to our e-boutique here.



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The weather is starting to warm up here in Australia and whilst we know that somewhere in the world it is summer, we are starting to adventure outdoors and get back into our summer fitness regime. We always love to find a way to combine summer and fitness. For a while now we have had a slight obsession with Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Now I get those who are hesitant to jump on this band wagon…why wouldn’t you just surf instead huh? We do love to surf don’t get us wrong, but Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP as it commonly called, lets you take in all the summer sights along the way. It is the perfect combination of core strength, endurance cardio and summer fun. All the benefits of regular exercise without actually feeling like exercise.


An SUP workout can vary from level entry on a very calm flat water bay, to riding the big waves out with the surfers or a mixture of both. All of which work your core and challenge both your cardio and endurance strength. If you are really keen there is a new combo of Yoga and SUP. Yep. Yoga on a paddle board. Taking balance to a whole new level.

For me, I enjoy a good paddle board session on a calm day. There is nothing like paddling out, crystal clear aqua water beneath me, sun shining down and all the while my abs and core are getting a workout. Obviously with all the summer vibes surrounding me, I am always too distracted to realise that I am actually working out.  Plus if I get tired, I can simply stop, relax, lay down on the board and catch a tan. MY KIND OF EXERCISE!

So change up your exercise routine this summer and go and grab yourself an SUP. If you don’t want to buy one, most surf shops rent them out for fun. Get on this bandwagon!


Divine Wanderer

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Now I am well aware that every year about this time (post winter), I catch a second wind and decide that this will be my time to get healthy. I guess winter really does a number me. I get sick of being sick and tired of being tired and vow to change my ways. So I have reintroduced one old faithful super food back into my diet. Having an Acai Bowl a day will surely keep the doctor away. Monday Mantras.

Why an Acai Bowl?

An Acai berry is called a super food for a reason. Full of antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids and packed full of Vitamin E, Acai helps to build your immunity, increase your energy and helps to fight any foreign chemicals that may attack your body. If you are like me and have had a good dose of antibiotics this winter, then Acai Berry will help your body to recover and renew.

An Acai bowl is a delicious mix of Acai berries, banana, protein, strawberries and coconut water. What I love about this base, is how filling and nourishing it is. You are getting the benefits of the Acai, plus all of the vitamins and sweet taste of the other ingredients.
Then you get to play with your toppings! The fun part! Add berries, chia, granola, yogurt, kiwi, anything you like! Healthy, fun and delicious. What more could you want in a breakfast or snack?! You will feel sustained for most of the day until your next big meal, which will help you to avoid sugar based or starchy carbs.



Base – Blend ingredients together 
4 packs frozen Açaí berry puree – you can grab this at your local health food shop
2 cups of organic coconut water
2 bananas
1 cup organic/natural frozen strawberries/berries (avoid the supermarket variety)
2 tbsp protein powder

Topping- amount to your liking

So if you are like me and have had a rough winter, an acai bowl is such a simple thing you can do for the greater good of your health. Plus look how pretty it is! Who wouldn’t want to eat that!?


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Recently we stumbled across the extremely talented Heather Lafleur who is the brains behind Blumenbabe Illustration. As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Heather has worked as an award-winning corporate designer for a range of international branding agencies in NYC, Toronto, and Zürich before opening her own studio, Lafleur Design, in Munich. She is obviously one talented lady! Describing herself as an “avid doodler and journal keeper” Lafleur combines her love of drawing & creative writing with what’s trending in the world of fashion and design.

Loving flamingos and fashion just as much as we do, Heather created this rendition of The Bahamas print from our collection Tropic Of Babylon. We thought it was so cool we just had to share it with you! We always appreciate a handsome interpretation and discovering talented, creative individuals like Heather is certainly a bonus.




To view more of her incredible work follow Heathers instagram @blumenbabe.


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Our new collection ‘The Catalyst” is finally here. We are extremely excited to release this collection as things are a little different, as you may notice. The collection sees our aesthetic taken to whole new level. With more athletic shapes and strong silhouettes as well as new and inspired prints ‘The Catalyst’ is exactly that, a catalyst for change.


Always inspired by our search for the never-ending summer and respect for nature, the collection of unique prints range from playful to fierce. We decided that it was time to change it up, with racer neck lines, strong panelling, cropped rashies and of course a hint of resort wear, the collection has a something for everyone. What we love about this collection is that it is a daring as it is demure. Think cocktails on the beach, lazing by the pool meets jet skiing, paddling boarding and surfing. The collection caters the ultimate We Are Handsome woman. Strong, feminine, feisty and active.


Now you may have noticed that every now and again, we head off on a little ‘workation’  to shoot our latest look book. With Odyssey Rising shot in The Maldives we thought ‘How could we possibly top that?’ turns out, we did. We jetted off the homegrown paradise of Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays, Queensland. We played on the white sandy beaches, drank cocktails, floated around and on the Great Barrier Reef and all along the way we took a few pictures. Ok maybe more than a few. It really is a hard life. Inspired by Jeremy’s all time favourite photographer Slim Aarons, our look book pays homage to 60s and 70s hotel and beach lifestyle. It’s playful, it’s fun, it’s handsome. See for yourself.

Shot by the talented Sebastian Kriete and filmed by Anthony MacFarlane ‘The Catalyst’ was brought to life by our favourite babe Margot Bushueva and the beautiful Olga Yalanskaya. What more could we ask for? Perfection







See all the Behind the Scenes action below.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Now you all know that I am a regular traveller to Bali. People often wonder why I travel up to three to four times a year to the island. I guess for me, Bali is like my second home.

After the first trip there, we got over the hype of “tourist Bali” and opted for something a little bit more low key and quiet. The village life. It is simple, wonderful and truly spiritual. Feeling at home, eventually led to my family buying land in a village called Marga (about 45 minutes inland) and as I write this our beautiful Balinese villa is being built. I can only imagine how often I will be in Bali, or whether in fact it will become my new home in the next 6 months. But I know one thing is for certain Bali is in my heart and always will be. That is why I return.


So on my recent trip back to the Island I spent a few days jungle wandering at Pondok Puspa, a beautiful traditional Balinese villa that my family has built in the village. I rode a push bike (lets just say my lack of fitness showed its true colours) around the village and was more than well received, I was welcomed with open arms.


The best thing about being up in the village is that there is no need for eccentricities, no need for opulence, in fact no want for anything but a good meal and good company. And that is what I got. Traditional Indonesian food and quality time spent with my family. Surrounded by palm trees, jungle and rice fields, being up in Marga, Tabanan, truly is the real Bali. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Now whilst village life is serene and certainly healing both mentally and physically, the ocean is just as cleansing for the soul. I have visited many of the beaches in Bali but my favourite is Pantai Geger in Nusa Dua. Fortunately for me I was able to spend an entire day at Gegers new hotel, The Mulia of course in my brand new WAH swimmers from our Odyssey Rising collection. Treated to a decadent and delicious brunch at one of their many restaurants Soleil and then spending all afternoon pool hopping, was simply amazing.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Now I have seen the Mulia go from a pile of rocks on the beach to the worlds “best new hotel” as crowned by Conde Nast in 2013, and I have to say you cannot realise the magnitude and innovation of this place until you actually view it from within. Pools for miles; private pools, big pools, decorative pools, just pools forever and ever. Between exploring the secret hidden spots around the hotel and our brunch at Soleil, the experience was memorable. With free flowing sparkling wine, a selection of ridiculous seafood, tapas, antipasti and deserts, not to mention the gorgeous chefs specials we got to experience. From the beautiful and delicate ravioli to the sweet crab creme brûlée, every aspect of the meal was THE “Foodie” experience. Combine this with sunshine, salt water and fresh coconuts and you really have the perfect day.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

For the last couple of days, I decided a villa in Seminyak was the best way to end my holiday. All I wanted to do was relax by a pool, listen to music and enjoy my own space. Hopefully when I return I will see some significant progress on our own villa. Who knows I might just become a regular expat.

But for now, Melbourne is home. Until next time Bali.



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Too often will I choose not to have the dessert because I don’t want to pay for it later. But who knew you can have your cake and eat it too with this delicious vegan treat! Vegan Chocolate moose!



1 Avocado

1/2 Cup of raw Cacao powder

Teaspoon of Vanilla Paste

1 Banana

Juice of Half an orange



It really is as simple as put all the ingredients together in a blender and press the button.

Add to single ramekins or a serving dish and garnish with almonds.

Add to the fridge to chill. The oils from the avocado and density of the banana creates the moose like consistency.

Simple. Easy. Fast. Delicious.




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There have been many Summer Sirens over the years but none more beautiful then these original beach babes. Providing inspiration for many with their gorgeous voluptuous bodies, stunning faces and kick ass careers, these ladies have got it all. See our top 5 Summer Sirens of all time!


1. Well this original Hollywood beauty needs no introduction. An icon throughout the ages, the pin up girl all pin up girls wanted to be, the most envied actress of her time with beautiful curves and a vibrant personality to match, Miss Marilyn Monroe was and always will be THE Summer Siren.


2. Ursula Andress is known literally as “That Bond Girl”. The one who has inspired many swimwear campaigns and has been the envy of many women around the world. Emerging from the ocean, sun soaked and wearing one of the most famous bikinis ever to be worn on film, Ursula Andress is an iconic Summer Siren.


3. Oh Elle! How could we not include you in our top 5! Always the bronzed beauty with golden sun kissed locks, Elle rocked the 90s and redefined the term supermodel. Even today you can still find Elle enjoying the sunshine with her family on a tropical beach somewhere in the world. To her the ocean, the sand, the surf really is home.


4. Blue Lagoon was no doubt a controversial film, but it did kick start this Summer Sirens career. Brooke Shields was and still is the ultimate beach beauty. With her etherial like qualities and luscious locks, her career from childhood star to full time dedicated mother is inspiring within itself.


5. Learning to surf for the film Blue Crush may have just been the best thing Kate Bosworth ever did! That bleach blonde hair, killer tan and #fitspo bod is only a few of many features that make Kate Bosworth a Summer Siren.  Inspiring many young girls to pick up a board and ride a wave, Blue Crush empowered females all over the world. Kicking off her singing career, married life and continuous work in charity, we think Kate Bosworth is an all round good human.

But we know that whilst these 5 women are put in the spot light, there are summer sirens and everyday beach babes all around the world. We know this because you are the very reason we exist! So keep tagging @wearehandsomeswimwear and #wearehandsome on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We want to hear from you, because we know that you are all the original Summer Sirens.


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Whilst there is a summer somewhere in the world, currently Australia is battling an extremely cold winter. Ok so its not, omg the road froze over kinda cold, but the wet and windy kind does not make for much fun. Wind blown hair and dry skin is nobody’s friend. So here is how you can get that healthy summer glow and avoid the despair of winter skin. 5 simple steps.

1. Invest in a good drink bottle that you can fill up with H20. A good Bisphenol A (BPA) free drink bottle on hand will hydrate your skin. It is no secret. This is not magic. Water hydrates you inside and out. If you are not taking care of your body on the inside, it is only natural that your skin will fail you on the outside.

2. Avoid fatty foods. Now we all know winter time can see us put on a couple of kilos and dub thee “winter weight”. The more fast, sugar laden and oily food you ingest, the likely your skin is to break out. Avoid this by making healthy choices. I am not saying go all out and detox on green juice everyday. Eat a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables and treat yourself when appropriate. But if you have to ask yourself…’Should I eat the fifth slice of pizza?” you probably shouldn’t. Over indulging food guilt is the worst kind of guilt.

3. Invest in a good detox organic exfoliant. Getting rid of dead skin is pivotal to allowing new skin cells to develop. Incorporate this into your weekly routine. Once to twice a week for beginners, depending on how stable your skin is. The White Elixir face scrub from SALT is a natural skin food perfect for this.  If you want to make your own; ground coffee, cinnamon and coconut butter creates an invigorating yet delicious moisturising scrub.


4. Moisturise. The dryness of your skin will dictate how often you moisturise. If your skin is very dry then aim for twice a day. Again ensure that the moisturiser you choose, does not contain any nasty chemicals or parabans. Sukin Organics stock two excellent moisturisers for your needs.

5. Spray your worries away with a hydrating mist toner. Mix Chamomile and Rose Water to create an everyday spray toner. The chamomile will calm your skin and sooth any blemishes, with rose water acting as a natural anti-immflamatory component. Perfect for those early mornings and puffy eyes.

Follow these simple steps to keep your healthy summer glow and avoid the winter woes.


Divine Wanderer

Photos: Bianca Nardo and Fallen by The Wayside blog

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photo 5

The Great Barrier Reef;  A natural, exquisite wonder of the world.  A place that is so very close to our hearts, as individuals and as a nation. A place, that is in fact in danger of being destroyed for capitalist gain.

A world heritage site, The Great Barrier Reef has been under threat from human error for a very long time. Climate change has no doubt had its impact on the reef. With rising temperatures, inconsistent weather and chemical imbalances threatening the very nature of eco systems that have existed for millions of years, the reef itself cannot take another blow.

photo 1

Yet here we are. At a dark point in our history, where such a stunning gift from nature is under threat again. The Australian Governments big corporation alliance and money eyed blinkers may just be the death of the reef.  In an effort to “promote economic growth” the Queensland Government has set in motion plans to approve mega port developments, severe dredging and dumping of millions of tonnes of seabed and rock. Not to mention the creation of a shipping superhighway.

photo 3

One would think that prefaced with the word SUPER, the benefits would outweigh the costs. Wrong. Here’s what this so called SUPERhighway really means…

The Australian Government will only be adding to what already is a volatile situation. In the last 6 months, severe dredging of the reef traced back to Gladstone Harbour, has caused the release of toxic chemicals into the ocean. The result? Precious marine life have become diseased, washing up on the surrounding shores. In fact 6 dolphins, 10 dugongs and 231 turtles have washed up dead near Gladstone on the Great Barrier Reef. With only the first stage underway of this SUPER highway and multi-port development, the impact can only be dire.

photo 2

The only way to stop to the inevitable, is to stand up and fight. Let your voice be heard. As individuals and a label that not only respects the Great Barrier Reef but cherishes its beauty, we will stand up and fight for the reef. Here’s how you can too:

1. Get Informed: Jump onto

2. Vote for The Reef: This June the UNESCO will vote on the future of the reef. For the first time ever you can vote too.

3. Let your voice be heard on social media #FightfortheReef

Three simple steps will make all the difference. Let’s ensure that our reef will remain for generations to come.


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