In our minds we unknowingly seek to reflect on the past for what once was. A place where your past is so clear and your future is filled with vivid intent and purpose, where the two worlds cross to create something so wonderfully refreshing. We all may call this place something different, but the concept is always the same. This collection has been inspired by our past. We cannot deny creativity delves from the development of yesteryear. By that idea, nothing has an end.

That is The Palisades.

“We battled with the elements in Sri Lanka. Everything is a bit more wild in this part of the world. But in the end, we got what we wanted: a stunning story.”

-Jeremy Somers, Designer

Photography by Sebastian Kriete
Make Up by Maria Whiting
Hair by Richi Grisillo
Styling by Jeremy Somers
Creative Direction by Katinka Somers
Model – Nicole Meyer

Shot in Sri Lanka