There is a place deep in our minds which, unknowingly, we seek to find. It’s a place where the wildest of dreams are within reach and nothing is impossible. A place where your future is filled with vivid intent and purpose, where opportunities are abundant and vast. We may all call this place something different, but the concept is always the same.

We call it Zion. This is a collection inspired by inspiration itself. A space from within.

“In many ways the island feels untouched, unharmed by humans. Sri Lanka – it’s a magical place.”

-Jeremy Somers, Designer


The Casablanca - tropical flowers glow in the middle of the mystical night.
The Orion - The ever powerful big cat takes new form in a galactic inspired dream background.

Photography by Sebastian Kriete
Make Up by Maria Whiting
Hair by Richi Grisillo
Styling by Jeremy Somers
Creative Direction by Katinka Somers
Model – Ilona Novacek

Shot in Sri Lanka