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What we love most about Instagram, is that it is a never ending source of inspiration for us at WAH HQ. From travel photos, fashion & beauty, to landscape and design, being able to view and share creativity with the Instagram community is incredibly special. So we thought we would share with you some of our go to Instagram’s for summer, travel and style inspiration.

1. @theluxenomad

Always providing us with travel inspiration. The Luxe Nomad shares their favourite locations for your travel experiences. Whether you want to rock climb and hang off of a cliff or simply relax under a palm tree, they have you covered.

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2. @salt_store

From the creative mind of summer siren Elly Brown, Salt Store is a natural skin food product who’s Instagram is both inspirational and envious. Inspired by island life, The Salt Store feed is a never-ending supply of salty beach babes from past and present.

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3. @exoticretreats

Remote, pristine, beautiful, tropical and exotic locations are the specialty of these guys. The feed is a never ending source of luxury island living from the most exquisite locations around the world.

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4. @sert_mehmet

Whether it’s sharing photos from his home country of Turkey or his travels around Europe, Sert shares the colour and beauty of his surrounds, from the cities to the peninsulas.

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5.  @summer

The original summer Instagram provides and shares summer inspired photos from all around the world.

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There are so many inspirational feeds we would love to share with you but we could be here all day. Don’t forget to follow OUR never ending summer by following both our accounts @wearehandsomeswimwear @wearehandsome. #wearehandsome to show off our summer wares.


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5 years ago today, we launched our first collection of swimwear to the world. Our big, bold images and animal portraits took the world by storm and now, on our fifth birthday we’re so proud to sell our vision of summer in over 40 countries.
We’ve graced the pages of Vogue & the NY Times, we count Beyoncé and Rihanna as some of our biggest fans, and we couldn’t be prouder to be recognised as the leaders in printed, digital, graphic swimwear.To celebrate our 5th birthday, we’re having a massive sale and giving you a huge 50% off EVERYTHING on our e-boutique for the next 5 days only.
Happy birthday to us and happy shopping to you!

Click here to shop our 50% birthday sale now:

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With the plethora of coffee scrubs on the market these days, opting for the pre packaged convenience can become super expensive. Now don’t get me wrong, I have tried a few myself and found that in comparison to making my own, it just doesn’t cut it. With the amount of time spent online, ordering the product and awaiting for it to arrive, I could have just wandered into my kitchen grabbed the ingredients from my shelf and make my own. Perfect to help you shape that summer body here is our very own organic Coconut Coffee scrub:


So that is when I decided, thats exactly what I would do. Since making this decision, creating my own coffee scrub has been a game changer. My skin looks and feels better, the coffee has invigorated my skin and given it new life. Here is my compel and effective recipe:


1 Cup of Coffee grounds

1/2 cup  of Coconut sugar

1 tbs Salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup organic coconut oil – Melt on stove if cold pressed


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Combine the ingredients together to create a gritty paste like consistency. Transfer the mixture into a jar and place in a cool area. Do not refrigerate as the coconut oil will solidify.

It is as simple as that. Home made coffee scrub straight from your cupboard.


Divine Wanderer


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Even in today’s world, Africa remains the great unknown. The one thing everyone has on their ‘someday bucket list’ and let’s face it, it probably won’t happen. Life will just plain get in the way. But, the reality is that Africa and it’s wonderments are often closer and more affordable then a summer holiday in Europe.

Going on safari is like joining a secret club where even the members can’t begin to describe the feeling of a safari to each other, it’s that incredible and enlightening of an experience it renders you quite unable to describe the experience. That said, to ensure you you move it up your to position #1 on your bucket list, I’m going to try and let you in on the secret club.


Most days follow the same relaxing schedule, and you slip into the routine with an incredible ease. Before the sun peaks over the earth you’re woken up to the sounds of gentle knocking on your door or, if you’re in a luxurious tent, the sounds of a hot shower being poured for you in your own private bathroom in the beautiful confines of your decked out tent.


Once refreshed, you’re met with a cup of your preferred morning brew and a light snack before you head out onto the land in a fully equipped, yet roofless Land Cruiser in search of early morning creatures still stirring in the dawn light.


Here’s where the magic happens, as you’re driving along enjoying the sounds of nature not ring tones and your co-workers demands, taking in the memory of the rays of sunshine peaking through the trees, listening to the calls of the vidid birds, your tracker gestures and makes a low noise, you immediately turn your attention, your ranger alters your course and your tracks turn in the direction of a big cat stalking a zebra.

Before you know it you are on the hunt with a female lioness, your breath catches as she deftly sidles up in the crook of a tree, the zebra’s nose tilts in the air searching the breeze for the tell tale smell of danger. The lioness holds her position, she knows that patience will  reward her – as will yours. The zebra returns to grazing, blissfully unaware. From the corner of your eye you see a flex of tan, the lioness’ sister has joined in the slow chase. She’s moved up in the cover of your Land Cruiser, the air is so quiet you can hear her fur brushing up against the metal of your truck and you smell the adrenalin coursing through her veins.


Time seems to stand still as both females move in unison to close in on the unsuspecting mare. They’re stalking, crouched low to the ground, hidden so well within the tall grass, they are now almost on top of the zebra and your knuckles are white from holding onto the seat in front of you, you’re doing all you can to understand whose side you’re on. Before you’re ready the lionesses have gone in for the kill, the zebra is hit from one side, lashes out with her hooves in desperate shock, but the sisters planned their attack, the second sister launches from the other side, digs her claws into the striped flesh, her weight dragging the animal down, she closes her jaws down on the zebra’s throat. Your blood is pumping in your ears and it’s all over, the Zebra has passed.

This sacrifice of life allows the continuation of the sisters pride for another week. In that moment, life as you know it has irrevocably changed for you, you’ve been privvy to the hands of fate and seen the kings dominate the circle of life.

As you finally leave the kill, you meander through the bush playing witness to life before your eyes, you may pass a herd of elephant migrating, ambling along, their feet and jaws crunching on all in their path. The matriarch proudly leading the charge in search of a watering hole.

Or perhaps you’ll find yourself in the company of a bull Elephant in must, knocking down a tree in a display of play aggression and dominance. Or come across a baby giraffe learning how to walk gently nuzzled up onto his new legs by his sky-scraping mother, very eager to have him up and out of harms way.

Your morning drive will conclude and you’ll follow it with a hearty breakfast, the rest of the day is spent at your leisure, you may take a nap under the big African skies or even swim to cool off from the heat and as the sun starts slinking down past the horizon you’ll go out on another drive and find your next wild encounter, this time though you’re ready, you have a sundowner and feel the African heartbeat in your chest.

When you’ve taken the time to give some of your time to Africa, she will capture your imagination and leave you longing for more – and that’s when you’ll know you’ve joined the club.

Our personal favourite company to experience all of the beauty of Africa is called &Beyond  - we’ve been travelling with them for nearly 10 years! The company ensures you have the most luxurious safari and the most wonderful time in the bush, their attention to detail is flawless, all the while focusing very heavily on their environmental conservation efforts. It’s this perfect mix that keeps us going back.



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This week I’m excited to share the art of a visual artist who we’re big fans of. Katherine Gaskin is potentially more obsessed with summer than we are, and her colourful, sun-soaked photography and edits always have us wanting for more.

We asked her to take some of my unedited #neverendingsummer instagram shots and make them her own, as well as finding out a little bit more about her. I highly encourage you to check out her work and tumblr page.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Katherine Gaskin and I’m a graphic/web designer with a serious case of wanderlust. I started my own freelance business Salty Pineapple two years ago and haven’t looked back since. Now that I can work remotely, I enjoy travelling, soaking up as much creative inspiration as I can and sharing my tropical adventures on Instagram.


What’s your motto?

Live your greatest life.


Are you actually obsessed with Pineapples?

Is that even a real question? Ha. YES. When I named my business Salty Pineapple back in 2010, I never knew it would grow into such a crazed obsession. The pineapple has become a constant reminder to always follow your dreams, keep pushing forward and do it all with a big, fat smile on your face. It also reminds me of warm tropical climates, tastes delicious, has tons of nutritional benefits, is a very geometrical fruit…I could go on. I mean have you ever seen a baby pineapple?

What artists/designers do you love?

Signalnoise (James White) – If you like hot pink neon things then look no further. Aside from his strong artistic talents, his career path continues to encourage me to push for my goals, stay creative and never forget to enjoy the journey.

Goldfish Kiss (Rebekah Steen) – Ultimate beach blogger and graphic designer. She’s the kind of person you want to be friends with without even knowing her and epitomizes “being your brand”.

Eric Cahan – When I first laid eyes on Eric’s stunning photography of sunset and sunrise gradients it took me a bit to pick my jaw off the floor. Check them out and you’ll see why.

Matt French – In this new age of mobile photo apps, Matt French’s edits of landscapes and portraits on Instagram are a great source for my daily inspiration.

Ocean Ave (JP) – Unique, beach-inspired hand lettering and design. JP is awesome and I relate to him on a creative level as a fellow designer and pineapple lover.

Favourite summer destination?

Anywhere with waves, the ocean, sand and sunshine. Hawaii has definitely stolen a piece of my heart, but I love the thrill and excitement of new adventures and new beaches.


What’s in your beach bag?

A teeny bikini, coconut oil for tanning/sun protection/after sun/moisturizer, lip balm with SPF, GoPro + Nikon DSLR for snapping pics, a sarong for laying on the beach and a pineapple of course!

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