Now I am usually not one for yoga, I am more of a Pilates core training kinda gal, but recently a friend of mine started doing Aerial Yoga (anti Gravity) and she swears by it. So I thought, why not try it out! Incase you are’t too sure about it, or perhaps the name itself is enough to run for the hills, Aerial Yoga sees you hanging from the ceiling, on a hammock like apparatus. Yes, I believe I now have your attention.

Designed to let your body hang freely, Aerial Yoga aims to decompress your spine and vertebrae, as well as promote flexibility and strength. Now any ideas I may have had about this type of yoga, (think Monkey bar type of fun) were thrown out the window and it turns out, Aerial Yoga not so easy, but incredibly challenging, fun and addictive. It has fast become my favourite type of yoga (believe me I’ve done them all) and my go to summer fitness regime.


Aerial Yoga pushes you mentally and physically, using your own body weight in every pose. When you are in the midst of Aerial Yoga you are concentrating so very much and are acutely aware of every inch of your body, that the outside world simply falls away. You focus on you and you alone, because if you don’t you may end up smack bang on the floor. It may have been the only hour in my day, where I solely focused on myself and what my body was capable of. What I really enjoyed most about my experience, was how surprised I was with what my body could do. I have done yoga before, but the lightness of my body allowed me to move in ways I never have in a standard class. Combined with the incredible energy, this was certainly what made it interesting and fun.


If you are like me and don’t consider yourself a “yoga girl” try Aerial Yoga for some energy lifting and challenging fun.

Now you know my new summer fitness regime…tell us, what will you be trying this summer?


Divine Wanderer

photos: blogto.com

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Of course, summer is about so much more than just swim. Every day is a story, an adventure. We’ve been gathering up some of our favourite summer stories into pictures to share with you. Everything’s for sale, and if it’s not the swimsuit or one of our partners’ products, just ask us on twitter and we’ll do our best to let you know where the item came from!

The Menagerie Cupped Corset

The Racer Cropped Rashie

The Kinaree Deep Neck One Piece

The Bahamas String Bikini

The Messengers Tie Front Bikini

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What we love most about Instagram, is that it is a never ending source of inspiration for us at WAH HQ. From travel photos, fashion & beauty, to landscape and design, being able to view and share creativity with the Instagram community is incredibly special. So we thought we would share with you some of our go to Instagram’s for summer, travel and style inspiration.

1. @theluxenomad

Always providing us with travel inspiration. The Luxe Nomad shares their favourite locations for your travel experiences. Whether you want to rock climb and hang off of a cliff or simply relax under a palm tree, they have you covered.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.59.35 am

2. @salt_store

From the creative mind of summer siren Elly Brown, Salt Store is a natural skin food product who’s Instagram is both inspirational and envious. Inspired by island life, The Salt Store feed is a never-ending supply of salty beach babes from past and present.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.19.26 am

3. @exoticretreats

Remote, pristine, beautiful, tropical and exotic locations are the specialty of these guys. The feed is a never ending source of luxury island living from the most exquisite locations around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.22.46 am

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.23.50 am

4. @sert_mehmet

Whether it’s sharing photos from his home country of Turkey or his travels around Europe, Sert shares the colour and beauty of his surrounds, from the cities to the peninsulas.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.01.16 am

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.00.59 am

5.  @summer

The original summer Instagram provides and shares summer inspired photos from all around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.29.33 am

There are so many inspirational feeds we would love to share with you but we could be here all day. Don’t forget to follow OUR never ending summer by following both our accounts @wearehandsomeswimwear @wearehandsome. #wearehandsome to show off our summer wares.


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5 years ago today, we launched our first collection of swimwear to the world. Our big, bold images and animal portraits took the world by storm and now, on our fifth birthday we’re so proud to sell our vision of summer in over 40 countries.
We’ve graced the pages of Vogue & the NY Times, we count Beyoncé and Rihanna as some of our biggest fans, and we couldn’t be prouder to be recognised as the leaders in printed, digital, graphic swimwear.To celebrate our 5th birthday, we’re having a massive sale and giving you a huge 50% off EVERYTHING on our e-boutique for the next 5 days only.
Happy birthday to us and happy shopping to you!

Click here to shop our 50% birthday sale now:

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With the plethora of coffee scrubs on the market these days, opting for the pre packaged convenience can become super expensive. Now don’t get me wrong, I have tried a few myself and found that in comparison to making my own, it just doesn’t cut it. With the amount of time spent online, ordering the product and awaiting for it to arrive, I could have just wandered into my kitchen grabbed the ingredients from my shelf and make my own. Perfect to help you shape that summer body here is our very own organic Coconut Coffee scrub:


So that is when I decided, thats exactly what I would do. Since making this decision, creating my own coffee scrub has been a game changer. My skin looks and feels better, the coffee has invigorated my skin and given it new life. Here is my compel and effective recipe:


1 Cup of Coffee grounds

1/2 cup  of Coconut sugar

1 tbs Salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup organic coconut oil – Melt on stove if cold pressed


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.18.36 am


Combine the ingredients together to create a gritty paste like consistency. Transfer the mixture into a jar and place in a cool area. Do not refrigerate as the coconut oil will solidify.

It is as simple as that. Home made coffee scrub straight from your cupboard.


Divine Wanderer

photos: offbeatandinspired.com

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