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We caught up with the gorgeous and ever talented artist Jessica Guthrie, who recently sketched her own renditions of our latest collection The Tropic Of Babylon. We asked a few questions about her life as a creative artist, here’s what she had to say:

We absolutely love your renditions of our Tropic of Babylon collection. Tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? What is your background?

Originally from Melbourne, my background is in fashion design and production, both mainstream and made-to-measure. I moved to Sydney 8 & 1/2 years ago with my husbands job relocation, which allowed me to start a new venture and open up a vintage clothing business in Surry Hills called Coco Repose. I remained creative by sourcing vintage and antique clothing and accessories to sell in my boutique. This also drove my inspiration for my own limited edition range of clothing using vintage fabrics and trims.

Fashion, design and history of bygone eras are a love of mine, but I wanted to create more and have always known that I wanted to eventually step into the world of fine art and illustration. I have always tried to dabble and keep up with life drawing and art, but a year and half ago I had a bit of a ‘light bulb go off in my head’ moment and decided I could follow my dream NOW and not wait. So I closed my business to study art at the Julian Ashton art school in Sydney.

As of January 1st 2014, I put the self imposed challenge out there to start a blog and produce a ‘sketch a day’. This was to create a profile online for myself and to be able to collaborate with other business’. It also gives me freedom to create quick images each day with anything that takes my fancy on that given day. It is challenging, but the feedback is positive and exciting. And after this year I hope to develop these quick sketches into larger artworks after finding out what works and inspires me the most.


When did you first realise you had this creative talent? What made you persue this?

I have always had a love of drawing from a very early age. Even in primary school my projects always had to be the largest, most illustrated, collaged, tea stained – creative! I used to spend hours on pretty borders and many more simply sketching and colouring in. I can still remember when I was 8 years old, my grandparents gave me a 72 set of Derwent pencils which went a long way to fuelling my creative dreams. Working in the fashion industry gave me a creative stepping stone to be creative in a career that allowed me to design and travel, but also give me important business skills.

Tell us about some of your inspirations? What really drives you?

I am naturally a very driven person, there are never enough hours in the day! I have always been inspired by art and the creative process, and particularly fashion and the history of different eras. Travel gives me a lot of inspiration and I have been fortunate to travel through work which has opened my eyes and inspired me. In particular, Paris is my favourite destination and I will be headed there in July purely for an inspiration and art related trip!

I am a bit of a bowerbird, I collect everything! I pour of fashion magazines, I love visiting art galleries, but even everyday items and nature inspire me, I am always collection feathers on walks and looking at things around me for textures and design. I feel like I can find inspiration everywhere, If only there were more hours to create! – Oh and I am a little obsessed with Pinterest!

Do you have a favourite artist? If so who and why?

Hmm… my all time favourite artist/design is Alexander McQueen and currently Sarah Burton, I simply adore her creativity and style and courage in design! Purely from an art perspective, I am drawn to Degas and Rodin for their subject matter, line and sculpture. I can’t wait to get back to Paris to visit Rodin’s garden again, and to sit with my sketchbook and just draw!

You are clearly talented and have received a positive response in social media, how has the impacted how your work is received?

Social media is now such a powerful tool. Having worked in my own business I can recognise just how much this can impact on an individuals profile. There are so many talented artists out there and social media is a fantastic way to build an awareness of an individuals work. For me, it is a process of putting myself out there, and receiving feedback (good or bad) to fuel me on my journey and validate a change in career direction. Creative careers can be quite solitary at times, and it is amazing how instant positive feedback from instagram or Facebook can keep pushing me and encourage me to create. It is also a great way to be able to connect with other business’ and to show them an instant profile of your work.

Where to from here? What big plans do you have in the mix?

From here I plan to keep studying and refining my art skills. I would love to collaborate with other creative business’ on illustrated product and fashion. My long term plan is to create pieces of art using vintage and antique pieces that I have collected over many years as my inspiration. I have a story for each piece, which I hope to be able to convey through my art. I am open to where the road leads for me which is daunting but super exciting! Being a Saggitarius, I am always up for the adventure that lies ahead, it is the unknown that excites me. I do know that if I could draw, paint and illustrate everyday of my life, I would be one happy fulfilled girl!

I am glad to have had the experiences I have had in fashion and business, I feel like it has given me a great set of skills to work from, and a clear view on what inspires me. Now having made the decision to pursue my love of drawing and painting, I know that I am on the right track of pursuing my absolute passion!

What made you choose We Are Handsome as a part of your inspiration and what is your favourite sketch of the renditions?

Having a fashion background, I love to be inspired by creative fashion and was drawn to ‘We Are Handsome’ because of the unique imagery and themes favoured. I think WAH designs are bold and fun, and typify a creative process that is not always evident in the fashion industry. They are unique, and give your customer a statement about their own choice of style.

My favourite rendition sketch is ‘The Voyeur’ leggings – I love the colour and design, and I am particularly drawn to colourful feathers for painting and drawing!

If you had to choose one print/design to wear from our latest collection what would it be and why?

Ooh tough! Do I have to pick one??? I would choose ‘The Bahamas’ scoop one piece. Firstly I am always drawn to anything pink and flamingoes, and I could absolutely see myself wearing this by the pool to my Bali holiday in a couple of weeks time. I could then also wear it as a body suit with a skirt over the top out for afternoon drinks – win win! X

How can we find and follow you?

You can view my work on my wesbite

Follow me on Instagram @thecolourofwhimsy

Like my FB Page The Colour of Whimsy

Get Interest with Pinterest @colourofwhimsy

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We have been following the very cute and talented Melbourne based designer of LimeDrop Clea Garrick for a while now. We love her quirky and playful designs and admire her creative talent. This weeks feature at VAMFF on the Shop ‘Til You Drop Runway reinforced exactly why we love this label.

Perfect for the party vibe of the Shop runway, the vibes from Limedrop were nothing but fun and flirty with playful florals, 1950s ice cream pastels, swing skirts, plastic sun visors and of course the super cute fun glasses. Pairing this with metallic shimmers, structured cut outs and geometric jewels, Limedrop brought edge to the sweet, the innocent, the playful. The collecion is quintessentially Clea, chanelling notions of individualism, the fantastic and freedom in creativity.




There is just something about this label that keeps us coming back. Whether its the bold designs or mischevious prints, the garments capture a sense of wonder, imagination and discovery. Our pick? The Silver Lining Cut out Dress. Too in love to choose a colour. And why would we? Black or Lilac are both divine. We also wouldn’t mind The Clisen Skirt, a perfect Autumn addtion to our wardrobe.

Follow the ever talented Clea Garrick and her label Limedrop on Insatgram @cleagarrick & @limedrop. To view the entire collection head to their website at
Divine Wanderer


Photos: Lucas Dawson and Megan Harding

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An unlikely muse, the 90s teen fashion queen Cher Horowitz aka Alicia Silverstone from cult movie Clueless, has provided inspiration for many collections and looks this season.

Taking us back to the days where we were so like totally loving tartan, plaids, goth, neon backpacks and knee high socks. Where we all wished we had that futuristic wardrobe of Cher; intuitive, tech savvy, revolving…..surely they’ve invented this no? A girl can dream. Whilst the 90s was an interesting time for fashion thankfully only a few key looks have been brought back this season, with a modern twist of course.

Coordinating Tartan: If you were wearing a tartan coordinating suit in the 90s complete with the knee high socks you were certainly rocking the preppy look. This season fusing checks with tartan in asymmetric skirts and structured tees pays homage to Cher and Dionne’s twin suit looks. Add a single strap heel or a slide and you are on point.


Backpacks: They may not be neon but a good leather backpack is certainly trending. Now I am not talking one you can fit all your books, laptops and everything but the kitchen sink in…think more petite, simple, elegant. A perfect way to finish an outfit.

Sport luxe: This is my favourite look of the season. The sport luxe look has been obsessed with my DIY cut off Adidas and Nike tees. Pairing this with a full bodied skirt or pair of distressed denims allows you to achieve the chic yet nonchalant street look ever so coveted this season.


Dye dip hair: No longer is coloured hair defined as grunge, alternative or out there. This season I am loving pastel dye dipped locks. If you are already rocking ombré than you are half way there. Step it up with a pastel pink or lilac. Test your limits. Be creative.

Growing up in the 90s was fun. Even at a young age I got to test the boundaries with my style choices. Like many eras the 90s may have committed many fashion faux pas, I am certainly glad that only the good styles have remerged this season.


Divine Wanderer

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Cosmopolitan’s collaboration with VAMFF this year saw 7 talented designers feature the latest from their AW collections. The flirty, feminine and chic nature of Cosmopolitan was certainly matched by standout labels Cameo, Finders Keepers and Jaggar.

With vibrant colour pallettes, the collections brought a little light to Autumn Winter. The use of heavy silk fabrics, draping and boxed layering, created a feminine structure to graphic florals, stripes and marbel prints. The presence of a-line and swing skirts, peplum, crops and wide brimmed hats, allowed collections to harness the fun, playful nature of Autumn, as if you were running through and playing in the floating leaves of Fall. Developing a sense of innocence each look provided a contrast to this seasons consistent theme of monochomatic, androgynous architecture.



Our favourite looks? Though there were many we loved and coveted for our wardrobes this winter we ADORED:
Cameos structured use of pastel silks to create strong but feminine silhouettes. Finders Keepers take on #allwhiteeverything with a simplistic shorts and blazer combo. And finally Jaggars strong use of monochromatic fractured mozaic prints.



Continuing the fashion week craziness, keep watching this space for updates and show recaps. You can follow our Twitter feed @wearehandsome for live tweets straight from the shows.

Divine Wanderer


Photos: Lucas Dawson Photography VAMFF

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It was nothing but exquisiteness at the VAMFF Camilla Franks Grand Showcase. From the get go Melbourne Symphony Orchestra provided a perfect live soundtrack to what can only be described as a mind blowing show.

From the lighting to the styling of each look, the show took VAMFF to a whole new level, telling a story of tribal wonder, starry nights and gypsy nomads. Earth Goddess Camilla did what she does best, with her winter collection ‘And God Created Women’ featuring beautiful ethereal kaftans, harem pants and hooded capes, all channelling the elements of the earth. The models channelled a warrior like figure, showing that females really are the backbone of society.

camilla 2

photo 4 (2)

The intricate details of accessories were a standout, with embroidered chest plates, feather ear cuffs, dream catching neck pieces and tribal hairpieces. The jewels were opulent, piercings fierce, the fabrics ethereal, the colours ornate. Each look really took on a life of its own; empowering, wild, playful yet ancestral.

With the stunning, bleach blonde Montana Cox at the forefront of the show, the Grand show case was certainly a highlight of the festival. To follow the latest from the ever talented and stunning Camilla Franks follow her Instagram @camillawithlove. This is only a taste of what is to come at MBFWA.
Divine Wanderer

Photos: Lucas Dawson Photography

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From our recent trip to the Maldives. Seriously? You don’t need a description….

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imageMelbourne has certainly got off to a promising start with VAMFF collaborating with Vogue to provide what can only be described as architectural monochrome bliss meets street edge.

The runway featured 7 of Australias innovative and talented designers, demonstrating just how good Australian design is at the moment. From Goot, Bassike and Willow to Maticevski each collection fused chic with street perfectly. Monochrome, leather, lace, neoprene were the constants, as was the strong oriental and architectural influences underpinning each garment. With addition of Birkenstocks and baseball caps the styling channelled the streets of New York.


Starting the show with Scanlan and Theodore, the use of leather harnesses with metal accents paired with structured neoprenes set the scene of what was to come. Josh Goot continued his brilliance with monochrome heavy silks and metallic hues. The use of structural elements shone through with sharp angles and square necklines.

Bassike is always a standout and provided an exciting preview into their AW collection. Heavy overcoats, organic wools and cottons, the classic low slung leather pants and oriental inspired hooded jackets, provided what will become a staple to many this winter. The use of layering was also noted adding to the constant architectural theme of the night.


Maticevski combined chic playful elements with structure creating a sense of modesty with an element of wild. The subtle use of pastels and lilacs provided a varied and pleasant contrast to the black white and shades of grey motif of the night.


Vogue certainly put on a show. But lets face it when you combine the killa beats of Queen Bey with brilliant Australian Design success is inevitable.

With plenty more shows to attend WAH will be covering the festival both here on the blog and on our twitter feed @wearehandsome where you can see live updates as the shows unfold. Next up? Camilla Franks.


Divine Wanderer

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freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-2 - shore

Freja Beha Erichsen. She’s the girl at school whose irresistible laughter rings down the hallways at lunch. She’s your beautiful older sister who always lets you borrow her clothes. She’s the girl on the train playing guitar and singing in a sexy, husky voice.

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Make up. Practically an essential for any woman, of any age. With the right attitude we can all be fierce and ‘Flawless’  as so finely put by WAH babe Queen BEY Beyonce! But by using a good makeup, we can look just as flawless as we feel.

Like many, I have gone through my fair share of makeups over the years. I’ve tried it all. BB Creams, Foundations, powders, cover-ups, bronzers, if its out there on the market I have tried it. I feel as though my skin has taken a journey with me, constantly changing, dependant on age, season, mood, location. A journey of trial and error, of finding the right make-up to suit my skin tone and complexion, a journey that has often been guided by misinformation and fads. Now, only just in my mid twenties, have I discovered my perfect make-up match. Finding a good mineral based powder, has changed my skin, for the better.

Why Mineral Powder?


 Above all it is natural and made up of crushed minerals found in the earths crust. Essentially we are harnessing the earth’s goodness; the very essence needed for life to spring out of the ground and putting this on our skin. Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica, gold and magnesium are the key minerals, all of which can be found in supplement form, that are beneficial for the health of your skin.

HOW? Well think about this. Your skin feels amazing when you dive into the ocean right? Of course it does, the natural salts hold cleansing and healing properties. So do Mineral powders. Except these healing properties double as a clean way to even out skin tones, avoid aggravating skin conditions and cover blemishes. Perfect smooth and clear skin. Check!

What are the benefits?


The benefits are plentiful! Lets take a look….

  • It is light weight and does not form a cake like texture or appear like you are wearing makeup! (Surely its magic)
  • Will not irritate skin conditions or cause flare ups (BAM! Evil be gone)
  • Heal irritated skin or blemishes (Zinc is perfect for this)
  • Provide a natural sunscreen (Win for beating skin cancer)
  • Even out un-even skin tones (Wake up FLAWLESS)

Powders that have parabens, fragrances, binders or synthetic dyes are simply parading around as a mineral makeup. So don’t give them a second look. Our pick? Maybelline Mineral Foundation Powder. With 100% micro-minerals it not only provides flawless coverage, but clears your skin, creating a radiant glowing vibe. Plus it is not overpriced and completely affordable.

There are many mineral powders out there. If you are like me and have tried every makeup under the sun, invest in a good mineral powder and be as ‘Flawless’ on the outside as you feel on the inside!
Divine Wanderer

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Breakfast has become a sacred ritual. We cherish those few rare moments of blissful quiet that only comes first thing in the morning. Breakfast time is all about messy hair, oversized shirts and flicking through the glossy pages of Vogue. Whether you love photography, fashion, beauty, fitness or travel, decide what you’re feeling inspired by each day and roll with it. We love to a blend food, fashion and of course, coffee first thing to create the ideal breakfast atmosphere. Our mornings involve cute coffee table art and delicious soul food.

Coffee Table Art (2)

Breaking your fast in style calms the mind for the day ahead. Set the mood with some awesome coffee table Feng Shui. It can be as humble as a sweet flower arrangement or a colour popping fruit bowl. We love to surround ourselves with the oh-so-pretty things in life at breakfast time such as new outfit ideas and amazing accessories. These charming details allow you to re-establish a love for the simple things. Take a soothing break from the daily chaos and create a reason to look forward to waking up.

There’s nothing better than a healthy, nutritious and mouth-watering breakfast to start your day. Breakfast is essential, there’s just no getting around it. Having a proper feed first thing kick starts your digestion, metabolism and feeds your body the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best. Indulge in our super delicious brekkie ideas that help make the morning your favorite time of the day. We deliver you some soul foods that frequently feature in our morning routine.

Soul Food1

Breakfast image

Bircher, black tea and The Sartorialist is an unbeatable morning combination. A nourishing Bircher bowl can be achieved by simply mixing rolled oats with nuts, seeds and coconut flakes. Soak in your preferred milk or coconut water and yoghurt overnight. Bircher muesli can be made and stored in the fridge for several days, so why not make a big batch to get you through the week? You can also play pick ‘n’ mix with the ingredients for more variety. Goji berries, dates, dried apricots, grated apple, blueberries, chia seeds and roasted almonds are great mix-in ideas.

Soul Food2

Sugar hit anyone? French toast is an indulgent breakfast that truly nourishes the soul. This European classic can be done in a healthy way, we promise! Try sourdough bread soaked in a mix of eggs, milk and cinnamon, lightly fried in coconut oil. To serve we recommend a drizzle of raw honey, topped with fresh fruit of your choice. Banana and blueberries is always a winning combo.

Lets be honest…any combination of fine food and fashion will get us every time. Who would want to eat a plain peice of toast watching the news (boring!) when you could be enjoying decadent bircher muesli, a chai latte and the latest digest of Garance Dore? That is certainly our kind of morning.

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