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I often wonder how Lindy Klim does it!? Busy mother of three, wife to Michael Klim, business owner and Creative Director of Milk&Co, fashionista, role model for many and of course an official WAH babe, she must be exhausted. She assures me however that whilst she is one busy lady, she feels blessed and lucky to be given such an opportunity to create and make a difference in this world. In between flying back and forth to her beautiful island home of Bali, running a successful business and spending valuable time with her family, we caught up with the stunning and down to earth Balinese Princess for a chat about her life, loves and summer travels. 

We absolutely adore you and are always amazed at how you juggle everything from work life, motherhood, marriage and your role as an influencer for many young women. Tell us, what is your secret to maintaining balance? 

Wow thank you!!! To be honest I think I struggle just like many others out there. I don’t think I will ever shake the guilt and worry that most working mums have.

I think for me having Bali as our base, allows us to reconnect with each other as a family. We live a relatively healthy lifestyle, without being too extreme. We really focus on exercise, meditation and just trying to have much fun as we can. Life is way to short to be taken too seriously!

I think another key factor for us is that we just focus on what we are doing. We don’t really watch Tv and and there are no magazines to read in Bali, so we don’t have too much outside influence in our life… although when I am in Australia I can’t wait to get my hands on a Vogue!

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How do you feel about being considered a female role model? How has this impacted on your everyday life?

I feel extremely honoured. I didn’t intentionally set out for that to be my mission in life, but it feels amazing to think that I have inspired others.

What was the philosophy behind creating Milk&Co? What qualities do value most in leading your team as the Creative Director?

We wanted to create an affordable, aspirational brand that is Australian made. It is really important for me, to keep the brand as natural as possible using only the very best ingredients.

My role as The Creative director means I get to do all the fun stuff and create new products and as well as the style guide for our brand.

Being incredibly entrepreneurial, your recent collaboration with Viktoria & Woods felt very organic. How did this come about and how much input did you have in the design process? 

I have been a fan of V&W for a long time and got to know Magie and Lisa over the years, we felt that we have the same ethos, so I guess this collaboration was a natural partnership for us. It was such a dream to work with V&W.

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What’s next? 

Wow…. I actually feel a little exhausted of late as I have had so much work on. So Mike and I are going to take our first break in almost 3 years. We head to Europe in mid June!

Always keep your eye out though… I don’t like to sit still and there will surely be other projects in the pipeline!

We love your Instagram feed. What value to think social media has both professionally and personally?

I feel like people get to see the real me. Without Instagram I don’t think I would had ever got my true story out there. I feel that people are underestimated and get tired of seeing the same cookie cut lifestyles of what is portrayed on TV and in the papers. With Instagram, you can follow so many inspirational people and realise life is what you make it.. There really is no right or wrong, it’s just what ever works best for you and your family.

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Being an official WAH babe, we know that you love summer just as much as we do. Living on the beautiful island of Bali, where is your favourite summer spot to relax?

I love to go up to the Bukit Peninsula in Bali.. the beaches are so white and its so beautiful and quiet.

If you could chase the never ending summer around the world, where would you start and why?

I love summer in Sydney.. Australians do summer so well. I would then work my through Asia and on to Europe… I will be spending a week in Croatia this summer.

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Do you have a favourite summer inspired activity?

Beaches…. I could live on the Beach! I love being near the ocean.

If you could choose one We Are Handsome print to wear what would it be and why?

I love the Fighter Scoop One Piece.. it’s super fierce and sexy at the same time!


With a clear vision, drive and beautiful family by her side, Lindy Klim has become the perfect role model, providing inspiration for many. You can follow Lindy on Instagram @lindyklim Tweet her @LindyKlim and view her blog

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We’re so happy to find today that one of our all time favourite singer-songwriters, Passenger has a new album coming out shortly on the 6th of June.

Since we discovered him busking about 5 years ago, we’ve learned much about the man who’s spent 10 years, traveling and busking, honing his craft and writing songs that speak directly to the heart.


We’ve just listened to the new album, titled ‘Whispers’ in it’s entirety and already know it’ll be one of the best releases this year. You can stream the album in full on iTunes today before the album is released next week.

He’s also just announced the new tour dates for ‘Whispers’ which mean’s he’s on a world tour at least until March 2015. All details on his official website

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We all love a good cocktail and there is nothing better than a Mojito on a hot summers day. With fresh mint, lime, a splash of soda water and of course a dash of rum, this cocktail is an easy option for a summer bbq or pool party.


  • 20 fresh mint leaves (10 per glass)
  • 1 lime, cut into 8 wedges
  • 4 tablespoons caster sugar (2 each drink)
  • 2 cup ice cubes (cup per drink)
  • 2 shots of white rum
  • Soda water



Place mint leaves and 2 lime wedges into the glass. Crush the mint and lime to release the mint oil and juice from the lime. Add one more wedge with the sugar and crush the added lime.

Add add and pour in one shot of rum. Top up with Soda water.

Place an extra lime slice and mint leaf for garnishing.

Drink, drink and enjoy.


There you have it a real lime and mint Mojito. If you are feeling a little adventurous, puree a handfull of berries and add it to the mixture.


Divine Wanderer

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This week saw our latest collection Odyssey Rising officially released. Having shot Odyssey Rising in the extremely beautiful, wondrous natural playground of the Maldives, this weeks launch saw us reminiscing over warm tropical waters, white beaches and dreamy summer days. The campaign film says it all really, we are forever in love with chasing a never ending summer. The warmth, the light, sea breeze, salt water and tropical palms..are truly intoxicating.

Our love for the never ending summer was matched by our stunning inspiration and muse Margot Busheva. Her etherial yet exotic beauty became the perfect canvas for our designs. The collection symbolises our respect for nature and the inhabitants of this magnificent earth. With tropical prints, deep sea marine giants and ocean back drops, Odyssey Rising is only a hint of what is to come.



Odyssey_Campaign_10 ‘





Odyssey Rising

Direction: Jeremy Somers
Film Directed by Trevor king
Model: Margo Busheva
Makeup by Rachel Montgomery
Styling by Katinka Somers
Photographed by Sebastian Kriete
Jewellery by Vera Xane
Shot at Ayada Resort, Maldives

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We’re so lucky this week with brand new full album releases from two of our favourites; The Black Keys and Chromeo.

Both releases are available to stream and buy on iTunes and, from what we’ve heard they are both so worth it.

The Black Keys release is their 8th and titles Turn Blue. The record, co-produced by Danger Mouse, contains 11 tracks ranging from bluesy, big-beat pop-rock tracks (“In Time”) to shimmery, soulful earworms (“Year in Review”). The album is their first full-length since the release of one of our favourite albums EVER (Gold on The Ceiling, anyone?!) 2011′s El Camino.
You can listen to the whole album streaming here.

Chromeo’s new album White Women, is their 4th and is every bit of disco-ey goodness you’d expect. Classic Chromeo. White Women features contributions from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, Toro Y Moi, Solange, LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney, and Fool’s Gold duo Oliver.
You can listen to the whole album streaming here.

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Whilst on our recent tour of Africa I wrote a little creative auto-reply for my email out of office which, everybody LOVED. After a few requests to put it up online for everyone to see, I’ve caved and posted it below… Enjoy!

SUBJECT: Well, this is hawkward

For the next couple of weeks I’ve dugong on annual leave.

Where I’ve gone is irrelephant, but toucan figure it out if you read between the lions.

I’ll check my emails sparrowatically, but mostly owl be giraffing through the wilderness.

Now, rhino this is unlike me but leopard me assure ewe I’ll get back to you af-ri-can and if time and internet connections permit.

I’ll be back on the 5th of may.

See you in a while, crocodile.

Be sure to follow our journey through our instagram pages and at our travel blog: Made With Summer

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Loving the ocean as much as we do, we are always searching for the perfect surf spot on our travels around the world. With a little bit of research, knowledge and a call out to our followers on Instagram and Twitter, we have compiled a list of our favourite surf spots just for you.

Mentawai Islands


Look I cannot possibly narrow down a surf spot for Mentawai. Having a friend who runs a surf resort and charter from Bali to Mentawai, I get a constant stream of photos that are ever so envious. So lets just give a general shout out the Mentawai Islands for having a plethora of awesome reef breaks. Literally a surfers dream.



What would a surfing guide be without the Maldives? Beautiful scenery, white sand, crystal blue water, stunning marine life and epic waves. Whilst there are many amazing surf spots in the Maldives our favourite is Kandooma Right in North Male Atoll. With an exposed reef break and ideal winds rolling in from the west, Kandooma has been labelled a world class wave. Best thing about it? It is never crowded and if you get bored (highly unlikely) you can walk a few minutes and wave hop until your hearts content.



Maybe it’s because as a kid I watched The Endless Summer repeatedly, but G-Land is definitely up there. A left hand break, G-Land, also known as Plengkung Beach, is one of the most famous surf spots in the world. Surfed by the greats of our time; Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, Tom Carroll, Andy Irons, this famous left hand break is a bucket list destination. Divided into several sections the waves can get anywhere up to 20 ft depending on the season.

Combine this with beautiful culture of Indonesia, island landscape and tropical coconuts and you are in our version of heaven.



Being one of the most recognisable breaks in Australia, they hold the Rip Curl Pro at Bells for a reason. One of the gems along the Torquay surf coast, with two breaks Rincon and The Bowl, Bells can swell at anywhere between 2-15ft. It may be cold and the water like ice in winter, but put on a 4’3 wetty and you are ready to go. Besides if its flat then you can body surf until your hearts content.



This list would not be THE LIST without mentioning Restaurants in Mamanucas Fiji. With its amazing swell, you must be kind to Restaurants because it will rip you to threads if you don’t treat it nicely. A distant off the ground left hand break, although often inconsistent, when the waves arrive they are too good to give up. Plus Fiji? Destination tropical bliss. When you aren’t surfing you can snorkel, dive, SUP or relax on the beach with a cocktail in hand. Sounds pretty good to me.

So there you have it. Our favourite surfing spots. We have literally only just scratched the surface of what could be an endless list. Now all we have to do is to grab our WAH inspired boards courtesy of Black Apache and hit the surf.


Divine Wanderer

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Is not looking like a leathery lizard-face relevant to your interests? Then quit it with all that sun-worshiping.

At 18, I was immortal. My skin was dewy, and when I had a tan, flawless. All summer I would schedule my daily activities around one essential goal: to lie on the balcony, greased with baby oil at noon sharp, also known as prime tanning time. (In Canada the sun puts in a pretty poor effort, so it’s not as awful as it sounds). I also used to smoke, stay out all night and generally abuse my body. Immortality is just super, isn’t it?

Then one day, to my horror, I spotted a line running perpendicular to my mouth. I briefly considered never smiling again, but when I realised that was impossible, I decided it was time to look my mortality in the face and make sure my single wrinkle remained very lonely.

I started to obsessively slather myself with moisturiser and sun screen, I kicked my sun tanning habit, and since moving to Australia, (good hair be damned) I’ve even started wearing a hat. Over the years I’ve fine-tuned my sun protection regime so that it’s a near-perfect work of mastery, and last summer, my efforts were validated: I escaped the season without getting even the most delicate of sunburns. And now I’ll share all my secrets with you.


Hello. We all know this one. Put it on your face. Put it on your neck. Your hands. Your chest. Your shoulders. The tops of your feet before you put on your sandals. It can all be burned, and it will all get wrinkly if you’re not careful.

My favourite sunscreen for face is Dermaogica’s Super Sensitive Shield in SPF 30. I put it on under my make-up, and over my moisturiser. I usually let it soak in for a couple of minutes before putting on make-up or else the make-up slides off and disappears.

For body, I’ll use any SPF 30+ that’s hanging around the house, but I love Banana Boat Sensitive. It’s pretty water proof, seems to last all day and it doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve been dipped in old deep-fryer oil. This is an important consideration when it’s 40 degrees out and no matter how slowly you move, sweat pours mercilessly from every inch of your body.


I remember when I worked in banking, a ridiculous doctor told me that I should wear a hat whenever I went outside, even when I was working. I could hardly contain my snorts of laughter as I imagined the nasty glances I would get from my colleagues for being so weird as to wear a hat with a suit. It was a moot point, because I worked such long hours I only saw the sun through tinted windows, but these days I spend quite a lot of time outside at playgrounds, so a hat is important, and happens to go much better with my outfits. Take it from me: quitting a finance job has endless happy outcomes.

People have teased me mercilessly about my giant raffia visor, but we’ll see who’s laughing when we’re all 80 and my face is as smooth as porcelain, and they look like iguana-people.

True story: my friend Colin had just finished making fun of my visor when a cool girl passed us and asked me where I got it. After I laughed at him, I forgave him his ignorance of cool sunhat trends. After all, he does live in London. What does he know about the sun?


I recently lost my treasured Gucci sunglasses in a move. They had transparent dusty rose frames, and were the perfect size for my face. I kept them in wiped down perfection in their hard shell case when I wasn’t wearing them, and now the creep who found them is reaping the benefits of seven years of careful maintenance.

This summer I kept thinking I’d find them, and anyway I couldn’t really afford to spend hundreds on new sunglasses (the only bad thing about quitting a finance job), so I thought I’d go without for a season. Worst idea ever. I found some new lines around my eyes and when I told my husband about them, he coldly informed me that he’s had crow’s feet since he was a teenager. Humph. He doesn’t wear sunglasses, so it serves him right.

I bit the bullet and bought some Marc by Marc Jacobs replacements, but nothing will ever fill the void left by my beautiful lost sunnies.

Cover up

Sun dresses are so cute, but crispy-burnt, sun-spotted shoulders are not. I have an awesome, soft chambray shirt that I put on over my sun dresses and tie at the waist. I like to think it makes me look wasp-waisted, but mainly I wear it to hide my shoulders from the sun.

Australia has made me so sun paranoid, I probably have a Vitamin D deficiency, but who cares about vitamins when you can look as immortal as you actually were when you were 18?

If you can’t live without a tan, check out this handy post on how to get the look without the skin cancer and wrinkles.

You can follow me on Twitter @cultofclothes

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It’s no secret that we generally don’t function at WAH HQ without our coffee fix in the mornings. As the saying goes we need coffee to coffee our coffee coffee coffee…um yep that sounds about right. Combine this with a good meal and afternoon thirst quenching mineral water and it’s a pretty good day in the office.


It seems as though at this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week our guests agreed with us. With all the fashionistas, designers, journalists, bloggers and photographers running around from show to show, a good coffee and mineral water from our friends over at Vittoria was a saving grace for many at our runway. What can I say? We like to spoil our guests!


In teaming up with Vittoria again this year, we designed a series of take away cups covered in our latest prints from the upcoming and popular collections. Not only did our guests get their coffee fix using their printed cups, they got to take home their very own We Are Handsome keep cup. We figured… you like coffee, we like coffee, we both love animal prints, lets combine the two loves and make magic. A kind of WAH keepsake.


Generally with the busy lives we lead, constant hustle and bustle going on, most people are like ‘Hey just stop and smell the roses every once in while’…roses?? I think i’d prefer to stop and smell the coffee. Ain’t nothing like it.

You can follow our friends over at Vittoria by checking out their website, FB PAGE and Instagram @santa_vittoria. Don’t forget to follow our new Instagram feed @wearehandsomeswimwear for daily updates and behind the scenes action at We Are Handsome.

Divine Wanderer

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The very talented illustrator ad creative Erika Rivera has created an amazing rendition of her favourite pieces from our Handsome collections. We caught up with Erika and she told us all about her love for drawing, illustration, design and everything beautiful.

We adore your renditions of our swimwear. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and what is your background?

Well, I’m originally form San Diego, California where I went to school at FIDM for Product Development. I recently moved to Syracuse, New York to be with my soon to be husband. Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast was a huge change for me especially climate wise. This was going to be my first winter ever I I’m glad to say I’m still alive. Since moving I have really focused on the basic skills for my drawings. During winter I stayed inside most days due to the winter but I found it as a blessing in disguise. I was able to sit down and draw until my little heart was content. I’ve always loved fashion and my friends would always want to pick an outfit for them.

Since I wanted to do something with my fashion background I knew drawing illustrations would be perfect. I get to look at outfits pieced together by bloggers, runway shows, and many brands on the market. I decided illustrating was my way to express myself and put a fun spin on clothes. I get excited whenever a new project lines up because I’m able to share my passion with others. Plus, I love getting the client’s reaction once they receive the final product.

Many artists draw on the elements that surround them for creativity, what are some of your inspirations?

For me to be inspired it starts with a simple walk outside. Just taking in a breath of fresh air gets my wheels going. I try to take in as much nature that surrounds me and then I find that my mind starts creating. Another way I get inspired is to be by the beach. When I was in San Diego the beach was my safe haven from anything that was happening in life. I loved listening to the waves, feeling the sand, and that powerful sun. Even imagining that I’m there will do. Then I start sketching and figuring out the movement of a garment when looking at photos. Earth is my muse.


When did you first discover you had this creative talent? What made you pursue this?

The very first time I found myself intrigued with art was 3rd grade. We had to draw a picture of a how to get out of a house fire safely. My picture won throughout all the elementary schools and got recognition from the local fire department. This was a huge deal to me. Once I found my creative side I never wanted it to disperse. My dad is very creative and an amazing artist. He would draw my brother and I like it was second nature. He tells me I get my artistic side from him. I definitely agree. As I got older I started getting into clothes and fell in love with the concept of creating yourself from the outside. I was always checking out what the classic pieces were to have in a wardrobe and what to wear during the seasons. Whenever I would go shopping my dad would always be there. He has a lot to do with my artistry. Overall my family was behind my every decision.

How has social and digital media helped you to share your talent? How important has this been?

Oh my gosh!! Big time!! Social media is the main reason I’m able to share my fashion illustrations with the world. Instagram is my biggest help to show what I do. Being able to reach other all over is completely incredible. I’m very blessed to live during a time where technology is mainstream. I love having access to reach out to people in the palm of my hand. Literally. There is a massive support team through social media and reading the positive feedback touches my heart. I also stumble upon other artists and its life a family reunion where you have no idea who anyone is but can connect so easily with them. When I met new artists from any industry I embrace them. And stay connected is so important! I mean we have no excuse to send a thank you or a hello to someone anymore. I’m very thankful to have social media in my life. Sometimes I do need to put the phone down though and be present.


Do you have a favourite artist? If so who and why?

I would have to say Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCarthy. Karl Lagerfeld has revamped Chanel and added a modern spin on every collection. I never get bored with anything he gets his hands on. He will mix the timeless classics with an unexpected twist. And come on, everyone loves a great plot twist to a story. Now Stella McCarthy perfectly captures what a women is all about…Confidence. The simplicity and femininity of her garments are flawless. You’re able to use a coat from a past collection and pair it with a blouse from her 2014 summer collection. She never misses a beat. I would love to wear everything she’s created.

Where to from here? What big plans do you have in the mix?

Well, I’m going to continue practicing everyday. I want to make sure I’m persistent in enhancing the basics of my skills. I want to work with other brands, designers, and fashion bloggers to create illustrations that will be very special. When I make my place in this fashion world I would be thrilled to work with magazines and have my illustrations hanging up in a museum one day. Could you imagine!? I want to show girls that dreams can come true with hard work and never saying No! Collaborating is what I love doing. I want to create, inspire, and imagine everyday.


From all of your renditions of We Are Handsome (all are amazing) which one was your favourite to sketch and why?

My favorite rendition to sketch was the Landing Scoop one piece that shows the backside. I usually illustrate forward and three-quarter poses but this backside is my favorite. It’s playful, sexy, and fun. The colors of that swimsuit were my favorite. The way the plane is about to land with the palm tress around it reminds me of home. You can pair this one piece with a fabulous floppy hat and look stunning by the poolside, beach, or relaxing in a hammock.

If you had to choose one print/design to wear from our latest collection what would it be and why?

Hands down the Aloha string bikini. Love the colors, print, and everything about it! I’m a bikini kind of gal and this screams Erika! It would be perfect for my honeymoon coming up in a month. Plus, I think my fiancée would love to see my strutting my stuff in this little number. Incredible!

How can we find and follow you?

My coming along website:

Follow me on Instagram: @erikalynnrivera


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