The traditional origami was first invented in China and brought to Japan by monks in 6th Century. In those days, paper folding in Japan was strictly for ceremonial purposes, often in religious nature. These days is origami also called paper engineering a trend that embellishes many different media.

I always was ‘hands on girl’ and had art classes scheduled after my school but coming to Benja’s office in Surry Hills, I was blown away. Flamingo heads, pop up books or giant shoe made entirely out of paper are filled with his office. Benja is a self thought paper engineer, living and working in Sydney but travelling the world to build from paper.

We asked him to collaborate with us on our flatly and Benja was more than excited to make all the summer stuff for us. On the phone, he asked me: “what would you like me to make” I said, can we make a big suitcase that we can pack our swimwear in to?” “Also, a little crab and ice-cream?” He answered with an excitement: “Of course! But can I make it really colourful?” I knew we were on the same page.

For some it looks like play and yes certainly it did also for me. I still remember when in school we were making boats or plane, sometimes frogs made out of paper and I always loved it. It was only natural to say yes when he asked me if I want to ‘have a go’

Next thing you know, I was cover in paper cuts and my fingers were sticky from a glue, and so I rather left all the work to the professional.


We had an amazingly creative day, filled with coloured paper sheets, that within minutes would transfer in to flowers, sandals, fruit and everything else summer we could thing about.

Placing our swimwear on a paper and creating a story was very exciting for both of us. Talking holiday destinations and what you need while relaxing on a beach brought us some laughs, travel memories and future plans.


Enjoy our new flatlays completely made out of paper (well except put swimwear which by  the way are all for sale and you can find them on our online store)






Paper artwork by Benja Harney.

You can follow his work on instagram or jump on his website to see more.


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We’re so proud this month to release our latest collection: Flux, In Bloom. Shot in beautiful Bali, Indonesia we spent a week at the stunning Ayana Resort finding the best beaches, cliffs and pools to make our campaign pop. One of our best shoot’s to date and we couldn’t be happier to share with you.


The Break Lattice Bikini


The Cosmos Lattice One Piece


The Abyss Scoop One Piece & The Abyss String Bikini 


The Cosmos String Bikini


The Rafters Lattice One Piece


The Abyss V-wire Panel One Piece


The Abyss Open Back One Piece & The Ambush Open Back One Piece


Behind the Scenes: Trevor King at work


Behind the Scenes: Discovering our magic surroundings at the incredible Ayana Resort & Spa

View the entire campaign HERE.

Shop Flux, In Bloom in store & online now.

Photographed by Trevor King
Models: Margo Bushueva & Lola McDonnell
Hair by Luana Coscia
Makeup by Jennifer Roberts
Styling by Jess Arifien
Shot at Ayaya Resort and Spa & Rimba Jimbaran by Ayana – Bali, Indonesia

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As we speak, our favourite Queen Bey is jetting around Europe with hubby, Jay Z and daughter, Blue. We were so excited to spot her splashing around with her beautiful family in Italy, wearing We Are Handsome. Rocking The Avenger Lattice One Piece and Silk Button up, Beyonce takes the WAH wild cat to the next level. Find her favourite pieces on our online boutique now:




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Dominique LeToullec does it all: model, blogger, personal trainer and online trainer and nutritionist. With a successful background particularly in personal training, Dominique has some great success stories to tell, helping people achieve their fitness goals and amazing body transformations. So, who better than Dominique to bring some motivation and inspiration to the We Are Handsome runway; safe to say her energy matched the activewear she was rocking.


What inspired you to start being active/to be an athlete?

I love feeling and being fit and healthy, that in its own motivates me.

Results also keep me extremely motivated, I love keeping my body in shape and being lean and toned all year around. Watching other people achieve their goals and being able to help them achieve them is also one of the most rewarding feelings that is a constant motivation.

What do you love most about this lifestyle?

I love that I live a balanced healthy life that makes me feel grateful and happy everyday. Looking after yourself is so important and I get to not only do that on a day to day basis but I also get to help others do so as well through personal training.


What is a normal day like for you?

I wake up early usually 5am, I start with a glass of warm water and lemon to kick start my metabolism.

I then take my puppy Bali (A beautiful Aussie bulldog) for a quick walk and then head to Icebergs gym located at Bondi Beach to start training my morning clients. I usually train between 3-6 clients every morning.

I then head home and take Bali for a big play and work from home doing my online training and nutrition programs, working on my health and fitness blog that I am revamping and also my website that is going through a big change and will be re-launched next year I think it is very important to update things regularly and I am planning on making these two sites absolutely amazing!

I then return back to the gym in the afternoon and train clients into the nighttime. Again ranging from 3-6 clients. I’m very selective with who I train, they have to want it themselves and be willing to put in 100% to achieve the results they are wanting.

On somedays I have photoshoots. Yesterday I shot a billboard for a very well known health and fitness company that is launching a new protein powder, I have to be tightlipped but it will be released soon and you’re bound to see it.

I do a lot of commercial modelling which I absolutely love. I love representing brands that mean something to me. Most of the time I am modelling for fitness/health companies. Rebel Sport is a company which I have worked for, for many years which is the powerhouse of supply Australia with some of the best sports brands. I have done TV Commercials for Rebel, Berlei sports bras, Power Tube Pro and many more. I of course do all types of modelling with my modelling agency WINK MODELS in Australia and also internationally. From commercials to catalogues, its an amazing industry that I am happy to be apart of. I am also a brand ambassador for a number of health and fitness products, and I love receiving the new products that hit the market and telling my online followers as well as clients and friends about the new amazing product/fashion item etc that has hit the market. Sharing knowledge from something you have personally experienced/received is, I think the best way to give advice on anything. I look forward to working with and representing some amazing companies and brands in my career!

How do you balance your time?

I am a great organiser! This probably comes from me being an event manager for 8 years prior to becoming a personal trainer. I structure my day to fit everything in and have diaries, to do lists etc to ensure my time is balanced the way it needs to be.


What is your favourite work out?

My special booty and ab workout that I do twice a week and all my female clients absolutely love!

What is your best beauty tip?

Moisturise, your skin needs to be hydrated and will thank you for it! I love silky smooth skin!

Favourite work out music/song?

I love all types of music, my favourite track at the moment is Lean on by Major Laser feat. DJ Snake. Killer track for the gym!

Your favourite thing to do when you are not working out?

Spend time with my baby girl, my bulldog who’s name is Bali.

We Are Handsome527

Favourite place you have travelled to?

I have many. I recently went to the Maldives and can definitely say its one of the most amazing places I’ve travelled to.

Dream place you’d like to travel to?

Everywhere, I want to explore the world over and over again.

Fitness goal you dream to reach?

To have a beautiful fit and healthy body after I’ve gone through pregnancy


How do you see your future?

Happy, successful, fun

What are 3 things you can’t live without?




Your favourite photo you ever took?

Any photo which captures a moment of happiness and love is ultimately my favourite, there are many…

We Are Handsome-204

For everyday fitness inspiration, stay in touch with Dominique on Instagram @dominiqueletoullec and Twitter @domletoullec. Also be sure to follow her blog, Dominique’s Healthy Mind Inside A Healthy Body, to catch her tricks, tips and motivation to living your life its full potential.


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Surfing superstar Shayelle Lajoie loves life by the sea as much as we do at We Are Handsome; so, a lot. Shayelle has turned the challenges of maintaining and active and effective lifestyle into motivation to make her day to day a constant adventure and an opportunity to achieve. WAH activewear was created to inspire, motivate and empower all that wear it; so who better than Shayelle to put it to the test?


What inspired you to start being active/to be an athlete? 

I started as a dancer for 18 years and to me, dancing was life. Concerts, competitions, new friends and of course making your body do crazy things- it all came together like one big snowball and just gets funner, more interactive and exciting the more you learn and achieve. I was introduced to surfing at age 18 and took it as a challenge, next thing I knew a few sponsors got on board, I began competing and realised I just simply could not do life without this new sport in my life! The ocean is that place for me where everything comes together and makes sense.

What do you love most about this lifestyle? 

The freedom, the endless discovery of new surf locations, the challenge of different conditions every single surf and the unique encounters with people and animals!

What is a normal day like for you? 

Early yoga, surf, work and race back to the sea for a sunset surf.

We Are Handsome-63

How do you balance your time? 

Terribly. I make plans and if the surf is fun, all goes out the window and I’m in the ocean, that’s where you’ll find me.

What is your favourite work out? 

H.I.I.T – I love a good heart racing sweat!

What is your best beauty tip? 

Coconut oil, on everything. Literally. Hair. Skin. Face. Teeth.


What do you eat on an average day? 

The whole food pyramid plus chocolate, always coconut water, Figs and sashimi.

Favourite work out music/song? 

Currently: “Borderline” by Tove Styrke (but I secretly bounce around to my room to every Taylor Swift song, that’ll help anyone crack a sweat.

Your favourite thing to do when you are not working out?

Sit in the boot of my car, sipping on tea and watch the ocean do its thing.

We Are Handsome565

Favourite place you have travelled to? 


Dream place you’d like to travel to?

Anywhere in Northern Europe during the winter to see the Aurora Borealis

Fitness goal you dream to reach? 

To reach a point where doing what I love pays the bills ;)


How do you see your future? 

Travel. More travel. Being outside of my comfort zone, finding a true passion and meeting inspiring people along the way.

What are 3 things you can’t live without? 

The ocean



Your favourite photo you ever took? 

While surfing a longboard in Hawaii, I managed to get up into a handstand with my legs in the splits, and got the footage on my GoPro! In the same day I got footage of holding an octopus.. which I later found out wasn’t the best idea.


Catch Shayelle’s gnarly lifestyle on her Instagram @shayellelajoie

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