This week sees the launch of an exciting new collection here at WAH HQ. Because we LOVE fitness and staying healthy, we spent many months designing and creating We Are Handsome (WAH) Active. This may just be one of the best things we have ever done. With the healthy and active WAH girl in mind, combining fitness with our luxury fabrics, unique and distinct digital prints was a natural evolution for us. Whether you enjoy beach runs, yoga sessions, cross fit or dancing, you will no doubt find something you like, want, need, love. If we do say so ourselves.

For this, Heat #1, you might notice a few of your favourite prints from our Euphoria, Catalyst and Odyssey Rising Collections, with Jungle Fever making an appearance along with The Chameleon and The White Knight. Racer backs, shorts, leggings, crops.. with so many pieces to choose from there is no excuse not to be active.

Collaborating exclusively with Shopbop to bring you this collection you can purchase our WAH Active Wear from their website here.


Jungle Fever Active Bralette/ Buy Now & Jungle Fever Active Shorts/ Buy Now


The Chameleon Active T Back Bra/ Buy Now & The Chameleon Active Leggings/Buy Now


Jungle Fever Active Crop Top/ Buy Now & Jungle Fever Active Leggings/ Buy Now


Jungle Fever Active Bralette/ Buy Now & Jungle Fever Active Shorts/ Buy Now


The Chameleon Active Crop/ Buy Now & The Chameleon Active Capri Leggings/ Buy Now


Left: The Chameleon Active T Back Bra/ Buy Now & The Chameleon Active Leggings/Buy Now

Right: The Chameleon Active Crop/ Buy Now & The Chameleon Active Capri Leggings/ Buy Now


The White Knight Active Bralette/ Buy Now & The White Knight Active Capri Leggings/ Buy Now


The Chameleon Active Bralette/ Buy Now  & The White Knight Active Leggings/ Buy Now


The White Knight Active Crop Top/ Buy Now & The White Knight Active Shorts/ Buy Now


Jungle Fever Active T Back Bra/ Buy Now & Jungle Fever Active Capri Leggings/ Buy Now

For our campaign (above) we ventured into the heart of the Caribbean to an Island paradise named Curaçao. We scouted this Mexican/desert hacienda style art gallery in the middle of nowhere, and on a scorching hot day – yes all that sweat is real – shot the campaign. We hope you love it as much as we do, and remember: Take care of your body, it’s the only place you live.


Team WAH

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Chasing the never ending summer as we do, we often get asked about the products we use on our skin to maintain our healthy summer glow. Obviously it goes without saying that in conjunction with using good quality natural products you should in fact be drinking a lot of water. In particular if you incorporate lemon water into your daily diet, you are sure to naturally detox the impurities out of your skin and your body.

Cleansing your skin is a must, as this will immediately clean the skin and rid it of any dirt or excess oil. A standard Vitamin E wash with no chemical foaming agents, is perfect for this and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


A good exfoliant is always a great way to nourish your skin and get rid of any dead skin cells. As sea salt based exfoliant with natural oils will help to repair any damage your skin may receive from the sun or other skin conditions such as acne or dryness. Our pick? SALT Stores Island Vibes Face & Body scrub.

Moisturising will lock in the all essential oils and will help to repair and revitalise your skin. We like to use Sukin Organics Facial Moisturiser  all over our face, and on the crevices of our eyes a dab of coconut oil to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. You can purchase organic cold pressed coconut oil from Indah Organics. (double up its use in the kitchen)


If you experience break outs or dry skin at all, go all natural and pick some aloe vera from the garden to apply to your face. Aloe is a natural antiseptic and calming agent for your skin and helps to alleviate any urges to scratch. I can’t tell you enough how beneficial Aloe Vera has been for me in recent weeks, having experienced unexpected sensitive skin this summer. And as always, Salt water holds incredible healing properties, so avoid those chlorine infested pools and jump in the ocean.

So as you can see we try to keep it as natural and as organic as possible when treating our skin. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have great skin. Ultimately glowing skin comes from within. If you are eating healthy food and have a well balanced diet then you will glow on the outside.


Divine Wanderer

photo credit @sallymustang 

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It’s no secret we make some of the best quality swimwear there is (thank you, Australian made!) and we’re always focussed on the details & how to make our swimwear experience just THAT much better. So, we’re really thrilled today to introduce to you our new packaging.

A sturdy box, sleek and matt black on the outside opens beautifully to reveal a slice of summer inside. Of course, your brand new swimwear pieces are inside as well, but lets just focus here. The box works perfectly as a keepsake for your swim, jewellery or almost anything else you can think of.

The box comes as standard packaging with every piece of swimwear from our
e-boutique only. Perfect for a gift and right in time for the holiday season.

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By now, you know that we’ve just released our latest collection and accompanying campaign shot in the beautiful New Caledonia, deep in the pacific ocean. As always we want to give you a little look into the world of our shoots. From rain delays to plane delays, each trip and shoot has the potential to surprise us.

Regardless of whatever bumps we encounter, we always have a fantastic time with our team and always get what we came for. For now, enjoy a little behind the scenes peek!

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The wild tides of the ocean are a constant source of creative inspiration.


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