This week I’m excited to share the art of a visual artist who we’re big fans of. Katherine Gaskin is potentially more obsessed with summer than we are, and her colourful, sun-soaked photography and edits always have us wanting for more.

We asked her to take some of my unedited #neverendingsummer instagram shots and make them her own, as well as finding out a little bit more about her. I highly encourage you to check out her work and tumblr page.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Katherine Gaskin and I’m a graphic/web designer with a serious case of wanderlust. I started my own freelance business Salty Pineapple two years ago and haven’t looked back since. Now that I can work remotely, I enjoy travelling, soaking up as much creative inspiration as I can and sharing my tropical adventures on Instagram.


What’s your motto?

Live your greatest life.


Are you actually obsessed with Pineapples?

Is that even a real question? Ha. YES. When I named my business Salty Pineapple back in 2010, I never knew it would grow into such a crazed obsession. The pineapple has become a constant reminder to always follow your dreams, keep pushing forward and do it all with a big, fat smile on your face. It also reminds me of warm tropical climates, tastes delicious, has tons of nutritional benefits, is a very geometrical fruit…I could go on. I mean have you ever seen a baby pineapple?

What artists/designers do you love?

Signalnoise (James White) – If you like hot pink neon things then look no further. Aside from his strong artistic talents, his career path continues to encourage me to push for my goals, stay creative and never forget to enjoy the journey.

Goldfish Kiss (Rebekah Steen) – Ultimate beach blogger and graphic designer. She’s the kind of person you want to be friends with without even knowing her and epitomizes “being your brand”.

Eric Cahan – When I first laid eyes on Eric’s stunning photography of sunset and sunrise gradients it took me a bit to pick my jaw off the floor. Check them out and you’ll see why.

Matt French – In this new age of mobile photo apps, Matt French’s edits of landscapes and portraits on Instagram are a great source for my daily inspiration.

Ocean Ave (JP) – Unique, beach-inspired hand lettering and design. JP is awesome and I relate to him on a creative level as a fellow designer and pineapple lover.

Favourite summer destination?

Anywhere with waves, the ocean, sand and sunshine. Hawaii has definitely stolen a piece of my heart, but I love the thrill and excitement of new adventures and new beaches.


What’s in your beach bag?

A teeny bikini, coconut oil for tanning/sun protection/after sun/moisturizer, lip balm with SPF, GoPro + Nikon DSLR for snapping pics, a sarong for laying on the beach and a pineapple of course!

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Here at WAH HQ we love a good puppy cuddle. With our beautiful babies Bear & Moose spending their days chilling out with us in the office, listening to cool tunes, licking the models faces and occasionally chewing a shoe or two, it goes without saying that we consider our pets our family. So when we stumbled upon a little puppy publication called FOUR&SONS we had to had to share it with you. Not only do they LOOOOVVVVE dogs just as much as we do (which is A LOT), but they match our passion for design, culture and creativity too. A world where puppies and culture collide? YES PLEASE!


Curated out of Melbourne, Four & Sons is the epic creation of designer Marta Roca. In constant amazement of the love, bond and relationship between dogs and humans, the publication aims to provide an artistic canine-centric vision of art, community, people and products. From ceramic dog tea cups, stylish gear for the modern mutt, to incredible and innovative editorials, both in print and online Four & Sons have created something really special.



For a modern take on puppy love visit Four & Sons full website here and purchase Issue 1 of Four & Sons here.

Follow their instagram feed @fourandsons


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Experiments in Style

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The latest single from one of our favourite local girls Coby Grant, tells a story about a grand love that will always exist and always have you wondering what might have been. This talented Indie/Folk artist continues to create magic with her upcoming album to be released in early October. Keep an eye out.


Divine Wanderer


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With the weather starting to warm up, the days are getting longer, meaning we get to enjoy the the sun shining into the evening. There is nothing like enjoying the sunshine with a jug of PIMMS and a bunch of friends. We have the perfect recipe for you to try this summer.


  • 8 thin slices cucumber
  • 1/2 orange, thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon, halved lengthways, thinly sliced
  • 4 strawberries, hulled, washed, quartered
  • Handful of Blue Berries
  • 4 small sprigs fresh mint
  • Ice cubes handful
  • 125ml (1/2 cup) Pimm’s No. 1
  • 250ml chilled ginger ale/beer
  • 250ml lemonade



Well this is as simple as put all the ingredients in together and stir. It isn’t brain surgery!
If you aren’t a sweet tooth, replace the Lemonade with Mineral Water for something a little more refreshing. Simple. Easy. Delicious.
Pour into tall glasses and add a touch of mint for show. Share with friends over good food and good conversation.


Summer is kicking into gear. Expect more Summer delights on the blog and see the return of our How To Summer series.

Divine Wanderer

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